Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've Got Pretty On The Brain!

I can say with all honesty, that I am a big fan of pretty men. I love to see them when I am on the train, walking down the street, or just doing some shopping. They make my heart feel super happy, its like waterfalls and symphonies. I get a big smile on my face, because guess what? Ain't nothing wrong with being pretty, I for one appreciate it and am envious.

My fave pretties are Asian men, good grief when did they get so hot? I think they always were but now I have finally seen the light, and that sucker was bright. I feel bad about all the dirty things they are subjected to in my head (but I make no apologies), and if only those thoughts involved me. They sure as hell don't. Nothing better than if I see a group of them, and I think "self if only they did each other" I would be in heaven. I blame Yaoi, that shit means "pretty boys doing each other". I bow down to the mangakas who write them, but enough about me.

Here is my list of some must read pretties. They will leave you feeling ugly.

Heaven Sent 1: Heaven by Jet Mykles (6 books in series) (Novella)
Buy The Book Here
Sexy good fun guys, one my fave series, and by one of my fave authors.
 Drawn Togther by Z.A Maxfield (Novel)
Buy The Book Here
Another favourite of mine, and another top author. This one is yaoi dreams come true, Yamane is sure to warm your heart, and leave you laughing.

U Don't Know Me by Rakun (Yaoi)
Get Chapters Here
Love this manga sooooo much, I always just pick it up to look through it. Fan-Freaking-Tastic! Check out the link to see the first chapter free.
Rated 18+ for mindblasting art.

So keep coming back, will hit you with some more pretty in the future. We all need a little pretty in our life.


  1. I definitely loved Jet Mykles' Heaven series! ZAM's novel is on my ereader but is still unread...
    And yaoi and me is not love at first sight, but I keep reading it in an attempt to fall in love gradually. ;)

  2. Janna you have to read ZAM, it's awesome sauce. I guess with Yaoi you have to find the right one, most are just really pointless dirty goodness. There are some that are really good though. I don't know, it's kinda my thing lol.

  3. I will read ZAM's, one day. ;)
    I guess I haven't found the really pointless dirty ones yet. In that case it would've been love at first sight I'm sure, lol.


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