Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Other Drug of Choice

So I live in the T.Dot, O Dot. Seriously, I live in Toronto, which is in Canada. For all y'all who didn't know that.  We have one of the largest populations of Asians if not the largest (don't judge me. not a migrating expert). What this means for me is EYE CANDY! I am obsessed with Asian men, I like to think of myself as a connoisseur (how crazy is that). I love to see them, I love to look at them, and they fullfill all of my pretty men needs.

I must say that these guys are subjected to some seriously sketchy boy love in my head. I have them bending each other over on the subway (yeh thats what my pervy smile is all about). These poor men don't even know what they do to me, or what I have them doing to each other in my head, aka *The Danger Zone*. My head thinking is no freaking joke. Its M/M central all the time; 24hrs a day.

So here's a few pictures that light up my day, and make my screensavers "The Shit". For all that is holy, these men are freaking pretty.

HyunSeung from B2ST

Lee Joon from MBLAQ

Daniel Henney (would rape that)

Jang Geun Seuk

Kim Hyun Joong  

Hey there, men of Korea would you like to move into my house. My only rule is that you guys play with each other, and I get to watch.

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