Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slumming Saturday!

Its gonna be a lazy day for me today, though everyday is kinda of a lazy day. I have no plans to comb my hair today, plus I am keeping my pj's on. There is no one in my life I have to impress, my two boys are surely used to my less than attractive looks. I might catch up on my reading or watch some Porn (without my kids), the choices seems endless.

I am just gonna kick it Darien style, or I might try reading a lesbian erotica. I use to like women together when I was younger; so I might head back to my roots (heheheh). I wonder where I can get a good recommendation for Lesbian story? See, something else to do today.

So I leave you with some Awesmazing man loving pics.

How Efiing Pretty!

Katou & Iwaki! My two obsessions

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