Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year & Asian Hotties!!

The Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year folks, and I hope you all are having a good Monday. I know Mondays blow, because its back to work and school and all that non-fun stuff. I am hoping I can put a smile on your face and bring the fun with a list of my favourite books featuring Asian characters.

I am kind of obsessed with Asian cultures, its all so fascinating and diverse. I think they are a beautiful people, rich with history and customs. So like they would say "Kung Hei Fat Choi" wishing you peace and prosperity and lots of Chinese food.

Drawn Together
I have told this story before, but Drawn Together was the very first M/M book I read and I was hooked after that. This book features Yamane a Japanese manga artist who meets and falls in loves with Rory, a good ole boy from the south.

I love thats its an interracial love story, thats always gets me. Plus the writing is fun and crisp, because Z.A Maxfield is one of the best.  A fan of M/M already or never read one before I recommend DT. Its freaking awesome.

No Good Deed

This book features one of my favourite characters of all time. Daniel is Chinese cop in a small town, he's bi-sexual, suicidal, and hilarious. There is a lot of angst in this book, and it deals with some very hard hitting issues.

No Good Deed is a nice choice for those new to the M/M genre the plot is intense but the relationship between the men is a slow progression. Seriously though, Daniel is fecking awesmazing and its another interracial love.

Yakuza Pride
Yakuza Pride is awesome and sexy as feck. All illegalities and hot man love. This one contains some beautiful descriptions of tats that have me losing my pants. An interracial love that comes with some serious problems. It rocks my socks!

ePistols at Dawn

This book has the very sexy Jae-sun, he's only half Asian but the sexy is still there. The long hair and beautiful skin (yum,yum) and all that fuuny. This books is a winner.

Now folks its time for the sexy. I can't believe at one point in my life I thought Asian men weren't attractive (what crack was I smoking). I have realized my mistakes and I feel horrible for it (there's a story). So folks I leave you with a collage of hottness, that will cause fireworks in your pants.

Happy Chinese New Year


  1. I definitely agree with your choice of books. I enjoyed each one of them. Have you read No Souvenirs by KA Mitchell or Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford? Loved both of those, too.

    The Texas Rangers just signed Yu Darvish(from Japan). What a hottie! The media is going nuts and I can see why :)

    1. Lisa I had to go an investigate who this Yu Darvish is and I like a lot (yum)!!!

      I haven't read No Souvenirs as yet, its there waiting for me and so is Dirty Kiss. I will read them soon (hopefully). I love me Asian characters in books.

  2. I was going to recommend No Souvenirs but I see Lisa got there before me! I must try Drawn Together - it sounds great :)

    I've always had a thing for Asian men. Have you seen any of Jet Li's really old kung-fu films? Full of gorgeous men!

    1. Jo I am just not a fan of Jet Li, he sorta irks me. Maybe its been his movie roles and all that cocky attitude I am just not impressed.

      I am huge fan of Asian men now, people say I am biased because my kids are half asian (filipino) pffft. I didn't even like Asians then ^_~.

  3. Oh, I loved Drawn Together. And epistols is a total favorite that I hardly ever see mentioned anywhere. I'll definitely check out your other recs. It does make me a bit sad, btw, to see the same guy on virtually every book featuring an asian man. Are stock photos that limited?

    1. Jay I know, its like there has to be more than one guy for the cover. I say when in doubt just draw up a real sexy one.


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