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Interview & Giveaway with Lou Harper

~I am so happy to have Lou Harper stopping by the blog today! She's talking about her newest releases and even brought you guys a giveaway. Lets give out a warm welcome.~

Hi Lou and Welcome to Pants Off.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing?
My first stories were published in 2011, so not very long. I'd always been an avid reader, though. I even had a serious book addiction for a time—I was one of those kids who read under the blanket with a flashlight till three in the morning.

Was gay fiction something you always wanted to write? Or did you develop it as an interest over time? 
I fell into gay romance by accident. I had no idea it even existed, and it was a very happy discovery, like finding something I didn't know I was missing.

You have a few releases that are upcoming. Can you talk a bit about them, and you future plans in writing?
Dead Man and the Restless Spirits is an offshoot of Spirit Sanguine, picking up the adventures of one of the supporting characters, Denton Mills, aka Dead Man. Denton meets an interesting new neighbor with a portly feline. The book is coming out June 25.

In November I'm publishing a book with Samhain—it takes place in the shadows of the Hollywood Hills, and centers on old secrets, sin, and a distinctive tattoo. The title is Secrets and Ink.

Between the two I hope to put out a sequel to Dead in L.A.

Would you say that you prefer writing books with a Supernatural element than say...just regular ole Contemporary? And is the Supernatural something you believe in?
I like mixing contemporary with paranormal. Spirit Sanguine was the first paranormal story I wrote, unless you count and old short. I originally planned only for a novelette, but the characters took over and during writing I realized that I absolutely love the opportunities for mischief that the genre provides. 

I don't particularly believe in the supernatural, but I like to believe in the possibility of it.  Keeping that door open to a crack makes life more interesting. I experienced ESP twice in my life and that's the sum total of my history with the supernatural.

I've been loving all you fantastic covers you've been producing. Has this always been a hobby, or just a recent talent discovered?
I was doing graphic design long before I started writing. In college I studied photography, but got busy with Photoshop when it was in its infancy. Oops, did I just date myself?

Out of all the characters you've written, who is most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse?
Mm…tough question. I want them all to survive. Gabe is a seasoned vampire slayer, so those slow moving brain-munchers wouldn't be much of a challenge to him. Plus, his boyfriend, Harvey wouldn't let anyone take a bite out of him. Harvey, on the other hand, is a vampire. Do zombies even attack vamps? Is a vampire brain more or less appetizing than regular brain? These are serious questions.

What book/books are you currently reading, and is it causing a pants losing? 
I recently beta-read books for Josephine Myles and Anne Tenino, and I can tell you, they'll set your pants on fire.

Pants is it better to write with them on or off?
The best part is the process of taking them off—slowly, teasingly, and maybe not even all the way. I'm also a huge fan of kilts. 

Can you share a little something/something from Spirit Sanguine? (Small excerpt or sexy snippet)
Hm, okay. How about some phone sex? J

Gabe was still fuming when he arrived back to the apartment. “I can’t believe you dated that putz,” he grumbled. He threw his jacket across a chair and slid next to Harvey on the sofa.

Harvey gave him a saucer-eyed, not-you-too look. The phone stuck to his ear like a barnacle. “No, Dill, I’m absolutely sure that’s not what he meant,” he said.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Gabe bristled with his unspoken grievances. Frank had rubbed him the wrong way many times over, and he couldn’t even gripe about it because Harvey’s ears were already occupied—one of them, anyway. Gabe started to realize he didn’t like sharing either. So he decided to lay claim to Harvey’s free ear, but his lips weren’t talking—not with words. At the same time, he slipped a hand under Harvey’s shirt, tracing his fingers to a nipple that immediately perked up under his touch. Harvey stifled a moan.

He kept on talking into the phone, though. “You’re whipping yourself into a f-fit again for no reason. Ugh.”

Gabe toyed with the nipple a bit more roughly. He also attempted to squeeze his other hand into the back of Harvey’s jeans, but it was a tight fit. Harvey arched off the sofa and undid his fly one-handed.

“Yess,” Harvey said as Gabe pushed his shirt up and employed his lips—and a bit of teeth—at Harvey’s up till then ignored other nipple. “I mean, yes, it’s perfectly reasonable for the guys to go out without you, every once in a while, and you don’t even like the opera.”

Pushing the coffee table aside, Gabe lowered himself between Harvey’s legs. Harvey lifted his hips so Gabe could tug his jeans down. A low moan escaped his throat as Gabe swallowed him down. He scrambled to cover it up with a cough.
“Didn’t Stan take you for a weekend getaway recently—only the two of you? Did Ray act like a jealous dimwit afterwards? Yes, it is exactly the same thing. Ooof!”

Gabe yanked Harvey forward so his ass was practically hanging off the sofa.

“Nothing, Dill. I stubbed my toe.” Pulling his knees up, he angled his ass for better access. “Go on.”

It wasn’t long before Harvey had to cover the receiver with his hand to block out his heavy breathing. Too bad it didn’t leave a hand free for his cock. Gabe snickered catching a glimpse at Harvey’s frustrated expression. He gave the neglected appendage a long, wet lick before returning to stretching Harvey’s hole with his tongue and fingers.

“Mmmaybe you should ass…sume he meant what he s-said. What? No! Gabe has definitely not been sexing me up while we were talking. I wouldn’t…” Harvey’s eyes opened wide as Gabe undid his own belt and flies and pushed his jeans down. His cock sprang forward between his shirttails, ready for action. Gabe dug the tiny bottle of lube out of his pocket and drizzled a small amount on his cockhead.

“Oh fuck. Sorry, Dill, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” The phone tumbled off into the cushions.

Thank you Lou for being here today!! If fans want to keep in touch, how can they get in contact?
I'm on Facebook (, Goodreads, and blogger (  My website ( has my email address right on the front page.

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