Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Bullheaded by Catt Ford

Bullheaded by Catt Ford
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 340pgs
2 Pants Off

Aging bull rider Cody Grainger needs bullfighter Johnny Arrow for more than just protection in the ring. Their bond of trust goes beyond the professional and into love, but while their relationship holds up to the need for discretion imposed by their sport and repeatedly having to watch each other put themselves in the way of dangerous animals, other barriers still tear them apart.

For one thing, Cody is ten years older than Johnny. But instead of contemplating retirement, he focuses on winning the championship, desperate to stay on top. Johnny is only beginning to find the professional recognition he craves. When frustration leads Johnny to walk away, Cody’s season slumps. While they’re apart, they both slowly realize they are meant to be together. But machismo abounds in the sport of bull riding, and their pride might be an obstacle too big for love to overcome.

Initially I was very excited to read Bullheaded after falling in love with Catt Ford's writing in The Last Concubine and because I am also a fan of a dirty, dirty cowboy. At 40% in I realized that Bullheaded might not have been the book for me but I kept on keeping on and in the end it’s a big whole "meh" feels and irritating characters.

Cody Grianger is an aging bull rider on the top of his game. He was the previous year champion and he's hoping to make history by winning again in a row. He's spontaneous, energetic, and no one rides like him. Too bad he's getting up there in age but he's still got it can nobody keep him from riding. Upside he's got his long time lover bullfighter Johnny Arrow. Their relationship is very hush hush on the circuit but when they head hone to Cody's ranch they can spread their love everywhere.

Not all is well in their lovedom because Cody keeps making the rules and calling all the shots after all Cody is older and he's just so darn sexy. Things go from sweet down in paradise to downright not good when Cody gets a few students to train and his charismatic assholish ways come out to play. Johnny decides he's had enough and though he might love Cody to pieces it’s time to go out and make it on his own a sort of making his own way in the world and living his dream.

After they split is where the book just crumbled for me. I get that men have needs but all this love they had for each other just came down to superficial sex and mediocre words. Cody claims to be so devastated by Johnny leaving and hours later he ends up in seedy bathroom getting his rocks off and the same goes for Johnny (cus you know they aren't gonna outright fuck so it doesn't count with blowjobs and handjobs). Their feelings are still there they just have needs. Also Cody is annoying, he doesn't listen and he just irked me all over dude you have ears so freaking use them.

When it came to the bullriding my eyes glazed over and I came to the conclusion that I could care less about it. That might have also be one of the reasons I didn't really enjoy the story but somehow I doubt it, I had to search my brain to remember the characters name.

Should You Read It? If you like cowboys and bullriding. Kudos for the interracial love I give major props to that. Overall, this story was just not for me every chapter was like pulling teeth.

2 Pants Off

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