Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: The Prisoner by Kol Anderson

Reviewed by Whuppsy
The Prisoner (Broken: Season #1) by Kol Anderson
Short Story: 98pgs
5 Pants Off

Aaron Taylor has been working at an escort company for the past six months. Just when life seems to have gotten better and he is beginning to think that he has a grasp of this line of work, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet but he doesn't know the extent of Vincent's cruelty.

This is the story of Aaron Taylor and Vincent Greene. Aaron has been working as a male prostitute for about six months and he feels that he’s got a somewhat a good grasp of what’s expected from this job. He’s also kinda seeing this guy on the side. Now, that relationship is complicated. But Aaron is trying so hard to get things sorted so he doesn’t get hurt.

He leaves his love interest to go and meet a new client, Vincent Greene. From that moment on, Aaron’s life is no longer his own. It’s ALL Vincent’s Way!! And let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture.

Now, Vincent Greene is just this wild masochist who is in charge of finding suitable victims (ie. slaves) for the clients that pay his company lots and lots of money to find them what they require. Vincent is paid to break people down. Break them so far out of themselves that they’ll do anything, ANYTHING for it to stop. I don’t even need to tell you how very good at his job he is.

The things that Vincent does to Aaron are horrible. HORRIBLE!! Make no doubt about it. He is abused physically, mentally and sexually, repeatedly. The things that happen to Aaron was sometimes so hard to read, I had to walk away from this book, repeatedly. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. However, I kept coming back. There was something about this story that just drove me on.

At the beginning, Aaron keeps trying to hold on to his pride. To hold on to his feelings for Sebastian and thinking that he’ll see him again. He can’t believe that this is real that this is happening to him. Then, to watch as Aaron starts to lose hope. It’s heartbreaking.

This is an intense, dark erotic story. It is filled with such descriptive, hauntingly brutal abuse and you just feel for Aaron, to endure such brutality and to watch the hope start to flicker out. But as the reader you see from Sebastian that he’s trying to find him. So you have this hope. Hope that Aaron will be found and saved.

This book has shaken me. It made me want to weep and it made me want to run and grab this poor boy and get him away from Vincent. But I also wanted to see just how far Vincent goes in order to break someone down. This book pushes. It pushes your comfort zones. It pushes what you think that you think someone could endure. This is a hard book to read, make no mistake about it. But it will drag you kicking and screaming into Aaron’s world and you experience everything that he does. The twists and turns that you find, will leave you breathless. When the story ends, you are left hanging. You’ll want to read the next one, I promise.

5 Pants Off

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