Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Learning to Love: Michael & Sean by K.C Wells

Reviewed by Hannah
Learning to Love: Michael & Sean by K.C Wells
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 244pgs
4 Pants Off

Sean and Michael are best friends from the minute they meet and become roommates. But after supporting Sean in the wake of his brother’s death, Michael finds himself questioning his sexuality and thinking about his roommate in a totally unexpected light. After all, he and Sean are straight—or so he thought. Suddenly Michael’s not so sure any more. He turns to their gay housemate, Evan, for advice. Little does he know he’s not the only one seeking Evan’s help.

Michael and Sean are both thrilled to explore their newly discovered feelings for each other, but not everyone shares their enthusiasm. When the reality of homophobia intrudes on their academic and personal lives and threatens their happiness, the adversity should draw them closer. Instead, it drives a dangerous wedge between them and puts their relationship, their futures, and their health at risk.

I would describe this book as a perfect start for someone just finding the M/M erotica genre. The emotions involved in the development of the story as Sean and Michael come to terms with the side of their personality they never knew existed are realistic and fraught, but all the while leading to a place of acceptance.

The foundation for this pairing, of best friends who share everything, who form a bond like brothers at university is a gentle way to ease in to the love affair that is about to develop, along with the heartache that inevitability goes hand in hand with two young boys trying to adjust to a life they weren’t aware they were heading for.

The family emotions around the rather hot and sexy relationship allow the reader to find a bit more common ground with the story, past just hot sex. Most people in this world can relate to rejection, and the longing for acceptance from those around us, whether its family, or even the acceptance of strangers, and as Sean and Michael help each other through their own personal rejections, you see their love for what it truly is, one of best friends, who found their other half in each other.

However not all family is blood related, for most people, some of the closest family they have is the one they make for themselves, and it is these characters, Julia and Evan that provide more depth to this journey of love. As the unconditional love and support that is shown from the side-lines, reminds the reader that some people in this world don’t walk around with judgement in their heart.

The character of Evan also allows Sean and Michael’s relationship to have a slightly different twist than most ‘true love’ stories, I won’t spoil it for you, but the bond between these three is very endearing in times of conflict, trials, and tribulations.

I very much enjoyed this book, and it was extremely hot in places, however the thing that stops this being a 5 out of 5, is I don’t feel these are characters you will carry around in your heart afterwards, and for me, that is always the mark of a book that gets full marks, but as I said, this is a book that anyone new to the genre, or even someone just looking for a hot love story will devour.

4 Pants Off

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