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I’ve been reading since I was 12, when my aunt gave me Sandra Brown’s Temperature Rising and I realized that there was sex in books. Nothing like those Nancy Drew boring things my mom bought me every time on my birthday. Realized I liked men together during a gay pride film festival on T.V and the launch of Queer as Folk (Brian and Justin). It wasn’t until reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the characters Vishous/Butch that I realized that I needed to read about men together in books. So I went searching discovered Yaoi, found Jet Mykles read Drawn Together and the rest became history. It’s now my genre of choice and the hundreds of historical/contemporary novels I own; can never compare. M/M is my crack, and you bitches can’t send me to rehab.


I guess I should start by telling everyone that “D” and I have been cyber friends for several years now, starting back when she took her pants off one too many times over on a not so liberal site and got her ass banned! LOL Needless to say I'm very happy to see her with her own blog now, free to say what she wants and spread the man love around, all without the benefit of pants I might add. Anyways enough about her, this is about ME: I’m 40-ish -but keep that to yourselves because I tell people I’m much younger, always reading multiple books and have strangely varied tastes in them, really just about anything goes (much like my life.) I do have a real soft spot when it comes to those tortured alpha heroes though and where M/M is concerned I’m partial to the gay-for-you’s. 

I’m very proud to be joining D and taking my pants off a couple times a month.


My bio, oh well, I'm 26,  but I don't feel that way, I love, love, love reading and started pretty early with 8 years, since my mom stoped reading my favorite Astrid Lindgren stories to me, after I requested them again and again, so really I had no choice but to start reading them myself. My comfy book is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which I've read and reread about 25 times.  I  accidently stumbeled into shonen-ai stories, while reading online fiction and then Tokio Babylon got me into fanfiction, because Seishiro and Subaru deserved a better ending and someone wrote that! My first fantasy books with and male romance plot was Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling and it's still one of my favorites. When I'm not reading, I love to back to destress and those two hobbies always seem to distract me from my sports goal, as in actually doing sport and not just watch soccer games.


'Hi, I'm Hannah. I spend most of my time being bitter about the great injustice of being born a straight female, so escape into the much sexier world of M/M erotica/romance, until I get to come back in the next life as a gay man who looks like Ryan Gosling...and if I don't I'll be having serious words with the man upstairs. I have no in-between, I either get completely obsessed by something or I am uninterested, this will be reflected in my reviews :)'


Hi, I'm Elbie and I am happy to join the Pants Off team.  I live in a small city in a small home where I am vastly outnumbered by pets and vastly outsmarted by a 10-year-old.  My favourite escape is my ereader and the beautiful boys who live in there waiting for love to surprise them.  I sob through their heart aches, cheer their HEAs, and blush through their sexy time (before flipping back to read it again).  I look forward to discovering new authors and to just being a part of the fantastic m/m community.


I first discovered M/M romance from reading yaoi manga and then fanfiction. I'm an otaku at heart. I love Japanese culture and I've been to Japan. I like seafood, sushi, and most Asian foods. Most of the time, I'm on my phone reading ebooks. I love it when books have a happy ending, are well written, and are emotional satisfying. I also review books at my own blog, Books on Silver Wings.


My Mother started my love affair with books when I was just 8 years old. I started reading and just haven’t stopped yet. At 12 I started reading romance novels and that was all she wrote!! I started reading M/M books about a year and a half ago and OH MY LANTA!! I have been on a Roll!! I’m so very lucky to have been able to join the Pants Off Reviews  Crew!! Here’s to Way More Happy Reading!!


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  1. Hello, one of my friends directed me to you after hearing about the group of doxxers for their racist behavior against you.
    I'm a black teen, former book blogger. Something similar happened to someone I used to know Julie Lonewolf. She ended up dying by suicide because several racists got her fired from her job for speaking against their racism. The person, Kaelan Rhywiol on twitter was one of them involved. She claims to be pro justice and claims to be a native and black person, but she's not. She's faking it. She was involved in what happened to Julie lonewolf, and is still twitter and fb friends with people who were racist, including k todd Kramer, metaphoricallyk on twitter.


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