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Book Blast & Giveaway: Damaged Package by S.A Mcauley

Damaged Package by S.A McAuley

Self Published

Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh

Forced into early retirement from his career as a SWAT officer for the city of Detroit, James Deacon knew that when he failed it would be a fall of epic proportions. He’s been living life by the tips of his fingers for over twenty years, and his new gig organizing a group of misfit military types into a functioning team—including his reluctant ex-fiancĂ©e—won’t return him to stable ground anytime soon.

Trevor Barrow has been on the move for the last seven years—hitting the road when relationships became too real or too much work. He’s home now, working in the hazardous world of bike messengers in the Motor City, and the only one of his eight siblings who knows he’s returned is his sister Cat. It’s not as if reconnecting with them matters anyway, because it’s likely he’ll be gone again soon.

Both men are lugging some heavy baggage, but when they chance upon each other in a dive bar it’s hard to deny their flaws are more like symbiotic quirks. Trevor’s backpedaling instincts and Deacon’s dance-dance party past may just be intersecting at a time when things are about to get explosive in Detroit.

Author Bio: 
I sleep little, read a lot. Happiest in a foreign country. Twitchy when not mentally in motion. My name is Sam, not Sammy, definitely not Samantha. I’m a pretty dark/cynical/jaded person, but I hide that darkness well behind my obsession(s) for shiny objects. I’m the macabre wrapped in irresistible bubble wrap and a glittery pink bow, I suppose.

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Deacon paid for their last-round of drinks and they stood at the bar as the lights clicked on. He reached out and swept back a lock of Trav’s fringe, letting his fingers linger against Trav’s sweat-slick skin.

“You gotta let me take you home,” Deacon said.

Trav scoffed and took a drink of his beer. “Worst pick up line ever.”

“I thought the worst was saying that I’d never seen you at Honest John’s before?”

“Yeah. You’re pretty bad all around.”

But instead of feeding Trav another line, Deacon made the conscious decision to give an honest reply. “Dating’s just not my scene.”

Trav tipped his head and studied him. “You know what? I don’t know if I’m supposed to believe you and be reeled in by how unconventional you are, or if this is all a game for you.”

He shrugged. Already he knew there was little he could do to sway Trav either way—Trav was perceptive. “I’ll give you time to decide that for yourself. In the mean time, though, I’m serious. Let me at least ride with you in the cab back to your place. I don’t live far from you and it will make me feel better to know you’re safe.”

“I ride a bike in downtown Detroit for a living, James. Pretty sure I can handle myself.”

Deacon’s lips curled into a smile at both Trav’s use of his first name and his brash confidence. “I’m positive you can.”

“Well, then… What? That doesn’t…” Trav pursed his lips together in a thin line and left the remains of his trailing thoughts unsaid. Trav took another swig from his beer, emptying the cup and setting it on the bar. “Whatever. Yeah, you can take me home. But I’m not inviting you up. Got it?”

Deacon would take it. He held out his hand and waited for Trav to decide it was okay to take this one small step. When Trav’s fingers curled around his after only a heartbeat of hesitation, Deacon worked through the lingering crowd to the front door, unable to wipe the triumphant smile from his face.

The ride back into the city didn’t take as long as it had to get out to Ferndale. The city became a ghost town after a certain time of night. And they’d passed that threshold hours ago. They rode in silence, with hands still touching if not intertwined, and when they pulled up to the Park Shelton, Deacon paid the cabbie and got out with Trav.

It took a moment for Trav to realize what had just happened. He watched the cab drive away, glared at Deacon, back down the road, then put his hands on his hips. “Whoa. Whatcha doing getting out of the cab? I distinctly remember not inviting you up.”

“Huh,” was all Deacon said as he pointed at the cab disappearing around a corner. “But there goes my ride.”

“I’m not a first date slut.”

Deacon groaned playfully, but his heart skipped a happy beat to hear Trav considered this a date, too. “You're not going to make me count out dates or something like that, are you?”

Trav’s fingers drummed against hips as he seemed to be considering his options. Yet barely restraining a smile at the same time. “Just for that response? Maybe.”

Deacon dropped to his knees on the sidewalk, and raised his clasped hands to the heavens, pleading to Trav in an overly loud voice, "Please, Trevor Barrow! What do I have to do for you to let me up to your apartment, Trevor Barrow? I just want to watch the History Channel or maybe So You Think You Can Dance, Trevor Barrow. I promise I have nothing lewd or lascivious—”

A group of female college students walking by giggled at his display, providing a running commentary as they eyed the scene unfolding on the sidewalk. “Dude, Trevor Barrow, you should let him up.” Then, “He's cute. He can come back to my place.”

Deacon couldn't have planned his public begging session better.

Trav blushed and laughed out loud. “Alright. Off your knees.”

“At least for now!” one of the girls yelled as they turned the corner.

Trav sighed, offered his hand and pulled Deacon up toward the front entrance of his apartment building. “You're going to give me a reputation, Deacon.”

“I earn every reputation I give.” Deacon smirked and held the door open for Trav once he’d swiped his key card.

“Where did the tears suddenly disappear to? The histrionics?”

He shrugged. “I got my way.”

Trav stopped in the doorway and looked up at Deacon wide-eyed. “Holy shit. You really are certifiable.”

Deacon ran his finger along Trav’s jawline, wanting nothing more than to kiss Trav. But whether Trav wanted to believe it or not, what happened between them next was up to Trav. “Cat’s completely right. She just should have waited for you to find that out on your own.”

Trav shook his head, his voice laden with sarcasm, but his stunning eyes crinkled at the corners in silent laughter, “Yeah, like that would've taken me long.”


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Review: The Forester II: Lost and Found by Blaine D. Arden

The Forester II: Lost and Found (The Forester Trilogy #2) by Blaine D. Arden
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 88pgs
4 Pants Off

"The Guide mentioned puddles, but I envisioned lakes, deep treacherous lakes, and I was drowning."

One turn has passed, another Solstice is just around the corner, and having an illicit affair with not one but two lovers—smith Ianys and shunned Forester Taruif—is taking its toll on Truth Seeker Kelnaht.

If it isn't sneaking around to find some quality time with his lovers, it's heavy rainfall hiding traces of a missing stripling, or waiting for the elders to decide whether or not to set Taruif free.

And if that's not enough, Kelnaht fears that in gaining one lover, he might be losing another, as Ianys seems to be pulling away from them, and it looks like someone is, once again, trying to frame Taruif.

I have been so looking forward to continuation of The Forester. I fell in love with these elves and their angst ridden 3-way love. So yes, i wanted their HEA and for all three men to move in together. And while I really liked the story, I still feel like their HEA is far off and their just accepting of their circumstances and forever keeping secrets.

In the first story we meet CIS like Truth Seeker Kelnaht, his shunned lover Taruif, and his other lover Ianys. Both lovers have to be kept secret and all Kelnaht wants to do is shout from the sky that he loves both men. For now their meeting have to be kept hidden, and with his work Kelnaht is feeling overwhelmed. The good news is that the shunning of Tariuf will be lifted and Kelnaht will finally be able to claim his man and one is better than none.

The mystery part of the story adds a little zing to the plot so it’s far from boring, showcasing Kelnaht's importance to the elves and his quiet strength but also his loneliness of having to hide his feelings. The mystery intertwined with the romance was done wonderfully and I just really liked the overall world building. I feel like I know the characters a lot better.

As I said, while I really liked the story. I am somewhat dissatisfied with where this Triad relationship is. I really wanted this glorious happy ending, but I feel like it won’t happen for them. Ianys will have to be a secret and their future seems undecided. I don't how long they can continue the charade when cracks are starting to show and possibly feelings might get hurt.

Still a fan of Blaine D. Arden and I hope we can get a little more of these elves in the future. I want them to just be together and not having to hide. The Forester: Lost and Found is a fantastic follow up to the first book and a most fitting title.

4 Pants Off
Review: Book #1 The Forester


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Review: Worth the Seeing Through by Lisa M. Owens

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Worth the Seeing Through (Love's Value #2) by Lisa M. Owens
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 260pgs
3 Pants Off

Police officer Connor Maclean has been on the job less than two months when a robbery call sends him to the art gallery of Guy Gustavsson, the man he fell in love with during one life-altering week in LA. He moved to Montana for Guy, even after the artist cut off contact. Now he discovers him injured and unconscious, along with a note indicating Guy was to meet someone named Jones about Guy’s painting of a former lover. But that’s hardly likely—for reasons only Connor knows.

Once he sees Guy again, Connor can’t stay away. He brings Guy to his home to recover. The relationship is rekindled. But Guy’s longing for his old love and new fears since the robbery trigger alcohol issues. When Jones makes a dangerous reappearance, Connor and Guy must focus on saving not just Guy’s life but their love and their hopes for a future worth the seeing through.

This book ran the full gambit of emotions. You will feel everything that the characters felt and go on the roller coaster ride with these guys.

Connor Maclean is this police officer whose life was changed months ago when he met artist Guy Gustavsson in LA at a gallery showing his work. They had one week of intense sex and even after Guy left, they kept in contact. Connor felt that Guy was his future, so much so that he moved to Montana. Connor has this wonderful sense of being calm, cool and in control. He’s learned the hard way that being out of control never helps a situation. Connor is kind, generous and so very giving. He’s made some close friends who love and care about him. Connor has this strong sense of family and to Connor; Guy was the only one for him. Guy was the man of his dreams and he wanted the rest of his life to start with Guy and didn’t want to wait anymore.

Guy Gustavsson is this artist who is grew up thinking that he isn’t worthy of someone loving him, especially since his parents didn’t. He’s only had one semi-relationship with his best friend, Josh. When Josh moved on to someone else, Guy started to flounder. He met Connor and found someone that he really liked and connected to. Guy deals with his feelings of self-worth by drinking. Guy is this wonderful guy who gives his time, money and energy to helping kids. Guy is kind, generous and he loves hard. It’s just hard for him to figure out what he needs to do to make his life truly complete.

The secondary characters in this book were people that you’d want in your own life. They were truly just that amazing. Nate and Jenna, who became Connor’s family truly show that they love and care for him not only in word, but deed as well. Josh and Dane were characters from the first book and they make a wonderful return in this book. They both show patience and love not only to Guy, but to Connor as well. They stand together and stand tall for them both when things seemingly fall apart. Kelly is a great character as well; she is a single mother to 15 year old, Alex. She works hard to provide for her child and loves him with abandon. She’s a great mother and friend. Alex, this kid broke my heart. I felt so bad for him. He’s endured so much in such a short time and yet, he’s so lucky to have this family there to catch him and help him as he struggles.

This book had death, grief, alcohol abuse, family issues, love lost and love found. This book was filled with so much happening for our MC’s and those in their lives. It was hard to read about so much hurt in this book. There were times I wanted to put the book down a couple of times and try to make sense of it all, however, I kept going. I wanted to see how the author could bring this back to a happy ending. Lisa has such a beautiful way of interweaving so many threads together and then pulling it off beautifully. I am in such awe of this talent.

I will say that I was really wanted to like the characters of Connor and Guy. I found Connor to be just passive. . He annoyed me for most of this book because I felt that he was more the whiney character and not this strong guy that I had thought he would be. I found that he fell so hard for a guy who really didn’t treat him well at all. I wondered what the hell he saw in Guy because I didn’t see it at all. Connor just didn’t do it for me. I found his whiney, poor me attitude just tiring. Guy wasn’t much better in my opinion. I felt bad for what he went through, but he didn’t come off as likeable to me. His constant secret keeping and general poor attitude just about drove me crazy. I felt that his disregard for Connor was just ridiculous. The push/pull that Guy kept doing to Connor made me really dislike him more.

I really wanted to like the MC’s in this book, I just couldn’t. I really liked the secondary characters more. I empathized more with them then I did with the MC’s and that really bothered me as it wasn’t a story about the MC’s and they are the ones that I am supposed to be connecting with. The story had so many wonderful themes going on and so many wonderful characters, that it truly pains me to find that I really couldn’t care less for our MC’s.

3 Pants Off

Sex Scene & Giveaway: Somebody to Love by Merry Farmer

Somebody to Love by Merry Farmer
For Phineas Bell, love has not only been out of reach, it has been impossible. In a world where men who love other men are anathema, he has poured his love into his work, his town, and the friends who accept him as family. But when a handsome new lodger takes over his home and his heart, breaking all his careful rules, Phin must choose between playing it safe and letting love in.

War hero Elliott Tucker is the answer to Cold Springs’s prayers for a sheriff worth his salt. But with every single woman in town throwing themselves at him, Elliott has eyes for only one person: Phin. The sparks are hot between then, but in spite of Elliott’s best efforts, Phin’s heart proves the toughest nut to crack. A love that starts with fire threatens to burn them both…

… until a shocking abduction throws Phin and Elliott together on the trail of ruthless kidnappers. Will their efforts to save a child wrench them apart or will it prove that at last they’ve found somebody to love?

Get Somebody to Love on Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

“You cooked,” Phin protested. He pushed back his chair and stood. “I should be the one to clean up.”

“No,” Elliott argued. “You are always cooking and cleaning for me, and today of all days you deserve a break.”

Phin chuckled as Elliott turned his back and set about rinsing the dishes and putting them in the sink. The soft sound raised the hairs on the back of his neck.

“‘Always’ is a relative term for someone who’s been staying with me for less than a week,” Phin said.

“Has it only been a week?” Elliott replied. “Feels like half my life.”

“That bad?”

Elliott left the dishes in the sink and turned. “That good.”

Phin was only a few feet away. It took less than a heartbeat to surge into him, to close his arms around his sides and pull him close. Phin gasped and then sighed as their lips met. Elliott intended for it to be a tender kiss, a symbol of his gratitude for being allowed into Phin’s house, his life. Like a match touched to kindling, it blossomed into a fiery exploration. Phin’s lips parted and Elliott accepted the invitation with a low growl. He tasted Phin with a longing so deep it echoed in his soul.

His eagerness was returned with open enthusiasm. Phin spread his fingers through Elliott’s hair, urging him closer, deeper. His other hand pressed into the muscles of his back, dropping lower to squeeze his backside. Elliott felt the unfettered hum rising from Phin’s chest as if he was the one moaning. Maybe he was. Their mouths entwined, nipping and sucking and exploring. Elliott tugged the hem of Phin’s shirt out of his pants. As he splayed his hand along the hot flesh of Phin’s back, Phin shuddered. The sensation jumped straight to Elliott’s cock, making it harder by the minute. He wanted this man, this kind, soft-spoken gentleman, like he’d wanted no one in his life.

“Come to bed with me,” he whispered against Phin’s impatient mouth.

Phin responded with a gasp. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Elliott's, his mouth still open and panting. Elliott could feel the tension shoot through him. He could feel the
agony of decision. He rubbed his palms and fingertips across Phin’s back, reaching higher and digging deeper, desire flaring the more of his skin he touched.

“I don’t know if I can,” Phin murmured at length.

“Of course you can.” Elliott withdrew a hand from Phin’s back to brush along the side of his face. Phin may have bathed, but he hadn’t shaved. Considering the man, that was as good as seeing him undressed and just as erotic. “There are no rules for us to follow, no right path to walk.”

“No?” Phin kissed him again, light and tentative.


Phin leaned carefully into him. Elliott held back, in spite of the ache in his arms and legs and especially his throbbing groin. He let Phin kiss him with a testing depth that he probably thought was too bold. It took everything he had to stay still, to do nothing but offer himself up to Phin’s inexperience. He made fists in Phin’s shirt to keep himself from tearing his clothes off as his lips were teased with teeth and tongue. The way Phin kissed him first softly, then with a surge of passion, then tentative again, hands brushing his sides but never reaching too close to the bulge in his trousers had him sweating. He wanted Phin’s hands on him, stroking him. It was maddening how much they were both holding back, and at the same time it was as sweet and golden as honey.

When he didn’t think he could stand any more, he reached for the front of Phin’s trousers. As his fingers undid the buttons holding him in, Elliott wrestled control of their kiss. He plundered Phin’s mouth with his own, taking what he wanted. Whether from surprise or desire, Phin let him. He reached into the waist of Phin’s pant. When he closed both hands around Phin’s long, thick length and tight balls, they both gasped. His skin was silken smooth over iron. He was so hard and hot that Elliott’s own cock responded with merciless throbbing. He ran his hand from balls to tip, learning Phin’s shape by heart.
It wasn’t enough. He needed to see Phin, explore him until he burst. He gripped Phin’s hips and steered him around, backing him toward the kitchen counter. As his backside bumped the edge, Phin gripped the counter, knuckles white. Good. He would need the support.

Elliott reached up briefly to push the suspenders off of Phin’s shoulders. While his focus was at the top of Phin’s torso, he kissed him again, hard and possessive. Phin melted under the
onslaught, letting him plunder and bruise with the force of his passion. He trailed kissed across Phin’s jaw and neck before returning to what he really wanted.

Without suspenders to hold them up, Phin’s pants hung loose. Elliott pulled them open and pushed them down along with his underwear. He bunched Phin’s shirt at the hem and tugged it up to get it out of the way. Phin surprised him by raising his arms and letting him yank it all the way up over his head and toss it to the floor. The sight that left him with—of his noble, regal banker, shirtless and glistening with sweat, breath short, pants loose around his knees, glorious cock standing straight up—left Elliott hard pressed to decide whether to pleasure Phin or himself as he looked at him.

He settled for both, quickly unbuttoning his own trousers and giving himself a few delicious strokes. Even a few would be too many if he wasn’t careful. Phin was far, far more erotic than he knew, leaning against the counter almost completely exposed. His skin was pale, but his chest and abdomen and what Elliott could see of his thighs were well-muscled and lean. His penis was the most beautiful thing Elliott had ever seen, bold and flushed, contoured with veins, the tip flared and shining with moisture. He gave himself a few more strokes, then closed the distance between them.

His mouth sought out Phin’s as his hands spread across Phin’s bare chest. He traced the lines of Phin’s muscles with his palms, rubbing and teasing his nipples until Phin gasped in pleasure. The choppy rise and fall of his chest and the fever in his kisses told Elliott he was having just the effect he wanted. He ground his erection against Phin’s, their flesh hot against each other’s. Phin moaned helplessly. It was so good that Elliott ran his hands down Phin’s arms to clamp his hands over Phin’s where they gripped the countertop. He should have thrown off his clothes entirely, but something about being mostly dressed, his cock reaching out through his undone fly, while Phin was mostly naked, filled him with power and excitement.

He continued to grind against him, mimicking the motions he would use if Phin were faced the other way and his cock had found its home inside of him. The friction was enough to drive him wild while still wanting more. It stroked both of them with almost enough pressure to satisfy but not quite. He wanted to wrap his hand around Phin’s length, take him into his mouth and show him how deep pleasure could run. Their cocks thrusting against each other was just the beginning.

With a guttural cry from Phin, warm moisture suddenly spilled between them. Elliott broke away long enough to look down and see the pearly liquid wetting the head of Phin’s penis and abdomen and Elliott’s shirt. It took him a moment to realize Phin had come, not him, though he was close. Phin now sagged against the counter, spent and panting.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, face bright red.

“No,” Elliott whispered. He circled his arms around Phin’s back and kissed his soft lips. “Don’t be sorry for giving in to pleasure.”

Phin returned his kiss, but it was clear that his energy was fading fast. Elliott took hold of one of his hands and guided it between them to his still throbbing cock. Phin sucked in a breath as he showed him what he wanted. He caught on fast, teasing and testing Elliott’s length and girth before closing his hand around him as best he could in their awkward position and stroking with intent.

“Oh, God, yes!” Elliott groaned as Phin worked him. He knew he shouldn’t hold back, that he should give in to the pleasure now so that they could head upstairs and start all over again, but the heady joy of having this man who he admired so much, who made his heart feel too large for his chest, pleasuring him was so good it made him greedy. He wanted it to go on forever. His body filled with the telltale signs of imminent release, radiating from his rock-hard cock, but still he held on, reveling in it.

A loud knock sounded from the front door. The sound was muffled through the door that lead to the dining room and on to the front hall, but it was still distinct.

Phin jerked back, blinking in a daze. The sudden cessation of his stroking left Elliott reeling. His penis stood up between them, flushed and demanding, the tip already wet with what was to come.

“Please don’t stop,” Elliott groaned.

Another knock sounded from the front door.

“Oh dear,” Phin said. He reached for Elliott, then stopped himself. He wiped his hand across the slick remnants of his passion still on his belly. “Oh, no.”

He peeled away from Elliott and the counter, running a hand through his still damp hair. His eyes darted around the room in a desperate search for his shirt. He spotted it on the floor and lunged for it as a third, louder knock sounded. With desperate, jerky movements, he started to get dressed.

“You aren’t going to actually answer that?” Elliott asked in a rough voice. His whole body ached with denial.

“I have to.”

Somebody To Love is the fourth full-length novel in Merry Farmer's highly acclaimed, historical Montana Romance series. In this novel, which has already found a home atop Amazon's LGBT romance lists, she writes about the love between two men, Phinneas Bell and Elliott Tucker, and the issues that surround them as they try to make their way in 1800s Montana. "This is a moving tale of friendship, lust, sacrifice, family, perceptions, existing vs. being happy, being seen as a "normal" man, wanting something seemingly impossible to obtain, being true to one's self and not being afraid to love." --Deirdre, Amazon reviewer

About Somebody To Love

MerryFarmer_SomebodyToLove_CoverFor Phineas Bell, love has not only been out of reach, it has been impossible. In a world where men who love other men are anathema, he has poured his love into his work, his town, and the friends who accept him as family. But when a handsome new lodger takes over his home and his heart, breaking all his careful rules, Phin must choose between playing it safe and letting love in. War hero Elliott Tucker is the answer to Cold Springs’s prayers for a sheriff worth his salt. But with every single woman in town throwing themselves at him, Elliott has eyes for only one person: Phin. The sparks are hot between then, but in spite of Elliott’s best efforts, Phin’s heart proves the toughest nut to crack. A love that starts with fire threatens to burn them both… … until a shocking abduction throws Phin and Elliott together on the trail of ruthless kidnappers. Will their efforts to save a child wrench them apart or will it prove that at last they’ve found somebody to love? Genre classification: M/M LGBT Western Historical Romance

 Get Somebody to Love on AmazonAmazon UKSmashwordsBarnes & Noble, and iBooks. Add Somebody to Love to your Goodreads to-read shelf!

About the author

Merry FarmerMerry Farmer is an award-winning author of Historical Romance and what she likes to call “Sci-Fi for Women.” She lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats and enough story ideas to keep her writing until she’s 132. Her second novel, The Faithful Heart, was a 2102 RONE Award finalist and her unpublished futuristic novel A Man’s World won first place in the Novel: Character category at the 2013 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference. She is out to prove that you can make a living as a self-published author and to help others to do the same. Find Merry Farmer on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Author Page.


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