Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton
5 out of 5
3.5/5 PL Scale
Levi Binder is a Miami bartender who cares about only two things: sex and surfing. Ostracized by his Mormon family for his homosexuality, Levi is determined to live his life his own way, but everything changes when he meets massage therapist Jaime Marshall.

Jaime is used to being alone. Haunted by the horrors of his past, his only friend is his faithful dog, Dolly. He has no idea how to handle somebody as gorgeous and vibrant as Levi.

Complete opposites on the surface, Levi and Jaime both long for something that they can only find together. Through love and the therapeutic power of touch, they’ll find a way to heal each other, and they’ll learn to live as sinners in a family of saints.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Marie Sexton is a wonderful author, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of her books. Between Sinners and Saints addresses some deep issues, which the author managed splendidly. Always a hot topic when dealing with homosexuality and religion, as a reader and a human being I have some opinions on it. Something I would rather not tackle at this moment.

What really bothered me in this book, were Levi’s parents. As a mother myself, I found it hard to read how his parents and family treated him. I always tell everyone around me, that there are worse things my sons could be, and being gay is not one of them. It was just somewhat disgusting to read about them in this book. Really irked me!

However, I really loved the book. I loved Jaime and his courage to overcome what was done to him. When a child innocence is taken away from a young age, it’s hard to come back from that. Miss Sexton handled it beautifully; Jaime was believable in all his struggles. Levi though a playboy at the beginning of the book, he grows into a wonderful character.

I recommend this book if you are looking for a deeply satisfying read, about love overcoming all odds. This book is definitely not about sex, it plays a role; yes. However, it’s less important than the overall plot. I enjoyed reading this book so much, and devoured it within a day.

Promises (Coda Books, #1) by Marie Sexton
Dreamspinner Press

6 books in the Series

Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie Night!

So it was my birthday on thursday, and I was home with the kids. Because. my birthday was on a freaking thursday, so I just chilled. Out of boredom or complete spontaneity, I got Netflix. I can honestly say its been a good time, and they have a good selection of Gay and Lesbian movies.

So of course I had to dive on in, and I watched a very interesting film lastnight.

The movie was an Argentinian film called XXY, about an intersexed teenage girl and the struggles she faces being caught in two worlds, and the difficult choices her parents have to make.The setting is Uraguay with a great back drop of the ocean and an almost gloomy field which really set the tone of the movie. Alex our intersexed teen really plays her part well, looking very adrogenous it was quite clear that the filmakers did their homework. 

What really had my interest was that of her parents, no over the top emotions; realistic in everything they did. The struggles they had of making the wrong choice for Alex, though they have brought her up as a girl. They feel that their decision might have been the wrong one and the story plays out from their. A small sex scene nothing too outrageous but, I had to ask myself "Don't you need lube?".

A small cast of supporting characters makes the movie all that more intimate, and I was just transfixed for the entire length of it. I think Netflix has just ruined my life (winks) and I will ignore all other things from now.

Running Time: 1hr 27mins

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Concubine by Jill Knowles
4.5 out of 5

 A BDSM LGBT Futuristic Fantasy

Scholar, captain...war prize. Prince Kael of Korai is stunned when his father gives him to an enemy warlord in a desperate attempt to salvage Korai's reputation. With his country's honor at stake, Kael resolves to submit to Warlord Taren's every debauched whim.

But life in Zandria isn't anything like what Kael imagined. Instead of pain and cruelty, Warlord Taren seduces Kael until the bewildered prince craves his Master's every intimate caress. As he sinks into the decadent, sensual life of a concubine, Kael makes a powerful enemy, one who wants him removed from Zandria by any means necessary. Betrayed by his body, trapped by his honor, Kael must learn to trust his Master or get them both killed. 

Concubine was just pure awesome, I am in all kinds of love with the world the author created. Although, Taren influenced my liking that sexy purple demon who makes me want to burn all my pants. It was incredibly sexy, sweet, and downright sinful. Concubine is so much more than its cover.

We meet Prince Kael, respected and loved by his people and captain of their army. His life is good, but he hates the fighting and wishes it to end, because the death of his people could have been avoided if only his father had listened. Fighting a war with the demons will eventually lead to their demise, cus they fight like the devil himself. So when his country is about to lose it all, what does his father do (the king)? Gives him up as a war prize, to be concubine to warlord Taren. Did his father miss the part where he was a guy and a fecking Prince!

So being the honour bound guy that Kael is, he decides to submit to Taren for the good of his people. Where he thought the demon would have just bent him over the closest surface. Taren begins a slow seduction and teaches Kael about his world. Leaving the prince confused and angry, because he has always been attracted to women but Taren is bringing out some serious feelings. Plus, all the bondage play is turning Kael on something fierce leading him to call himself some hateful names.

Through it all it quite apparent that they care for each other. In the beginning the relationship might have been one of his master and slave, but I felt that somehow they evolved to something more. On the surface, it looks like Taren is in charge, but if you look closely Kael holds the card. Because Taren would be beastly without him.

I loved Taren; purple is my new fave color. Let me tell you cum has never been particular attractive to me, but somehow a lavender color most definitely kicks it up a notch. It reminds me of sunshine and spring *winks*. I also loved the scales, jeez its like keep me away from the fishes, because scales is the new sexy. I guess I could talk about Taren's height, but whom the fuck cares; the man is sex on legs. I equally am a little obsessed with Kael call me a character slut.

4 1/2 Pants Off

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Manituw

The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins
Amber Allure
Short Novella: 98pages
3 out of 5

When researcher Robert Silsbury reaches Bonnenuit, Newfoundland, and finds his charter boat captain in jail, the British oceanographer has no idea that he's come face to face with the man who will steal his heart. At first, however, his instinct is to hire someone else for the job.

July Cyr, the illegitimate son of First Nations and white parents, barely makes a living from Americans who charter his ancient tugboat, the Manituw, for sightseeing tours of icebergs and whales off the coast of Newfoundland. He hopes that the handsome young scientist who hired him will prove to be the first piece of good luck he's had in a long time.

Passion flares immediately, but love is built on trust, and both men have secrets. Together they must deal with a dangerous rescue at sea, a violent gang, and the scars of their own tragic pasts while they struggle to build a relationship that will span both sides of the Atlantic.

Short Review:
Another one of those short stories, with some serious hard-hitting content, covered in a few pages. Overall, it just makes every situation a light one, when it should have been heavy. I enjoyed the authors writing but I was just disappointed in the story telling. I wanted more anger from the MC, but he just took everything.

I am just saying, if people are kicking my ass and being all-racist about it. I will eventually fight back, beat me up because you hate me or I stole your man or something. Just don’t hate on me because of my heritage. Eventually I would have pushed them into the freezing water, turn on the boat engine on their asses and call that shit an accident. They deserved nothing better.

Overall, a decent story but I just wanted more; something was definitely missing. I think I just needed more time and I wanted more from July, he had not really reached his potential. The sex was hot, not scorching but still packed a small punch. I would like a revisit of these characters in hopes that they have grown.

2 1/2 Pants Off
 Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Shenandoah (Mother Earth #2) by Ally Blue
Samhain Publishing
Sci Fi/Fantasy
3.5 out of 5
3/5 PL Scale

The weakness he fears could be his lover’s only hope.

Mother Earth, Book 2

Bear has never regretted leaving his old life behind for his exotically beautiful lover, Dragon. Following his heart, though, has left them in need of a home. There’s only one place he can think of where they can be together and be happy. Shenandoah. A place of myth—until he encounters signs that it’s a real place that lies somewhere to the north.

Dragon doesn’t share his lover’s faith that it even exists, much less that it will live up to Bear’s high expectations. Yet they are Brothers now, bound by love and so much more. No hardship will keep Dragon from Bear’s side. Even if it means nothing but disappointment waits at the end of their journey.

Danger lurks in the wilderness, the ruined cities of the lost Old World, and especially within themselves. As Bear’s quest for a new home becomes a spirit journey of mystical power, Dragon doubts his own strength—an unbearable shame he tries to hide deep within. But when a chance encounter turns into a fight for survival, Bear’s life depends on Dragon’s ability to put his doubts aside…and dare to hope.

Shenandoah is the second book in the Mother Earth series, a post-apocalyptic tale where Mother Earth has taken back her lands and destroyed civilization due to destruction of earth by humans. The first book introduces readers to Dragon and Bear, instant attraction between the two means certain death for both, so they set out on their own journey. Shenandoah picks up where Dragon’s Kiss left us. Book 1 was a short novella, but this book was a little longer and more detailed.

With the ruination of earth by Mother Nature, people now live in a world, begin anew. There is no technology, they hunt for food and move in packs. Their very survival depends on pack, because humans aren’t what they use to be. The forest is a dangerous place filled with cannibals, and dangerous wild animals. Therefore, a pack is survival, and Bear and Dragon have ventured out on their own without the protection of a pack, and thus begins their journey of survival to the mystical city known as Shenandoah.

Bear and Dragon have to be vigilant in their journey, because one moment of relaxation could cost them their life, that doesn’t mean there is no time for sex (lol). Bear believes in Shenandoah, Dragon does not but he hangs on because he believes in Bear. They do come to a cross road and Bear is hurt, and the story then picks up by Dragon being the only one able to fully function and is he willing to sacrifice his and Bear’s lives in the hopes of finding Shenandoah.

There is a lot to think about when reading the book, we have no idea how old both Dragon and Bear. I concluded that they are very young, possibly teenagers. I find it hard to understand that in a now scary world why packs would hurt each other but I guess it just the nature of people. My question is what happened to father people during this time, because the earth was destroyed and people turned into savages or more so.

The book offers up some great action, very heavy on the fantasy content but overall an enjoyable read. I loved how there were no labels to sexuality, it was just love and attraction to another person and that was it (if only). I really liked Bear and Dragon they were hot together. Loved that Bear was hopeful and ready to believe in something better, but I also enjoyed Dragons skepticism; created a wonderful balance.

3 1/2 Pants Off

Make sure to read book 1 Dragon's Kiss

Written for Three Dollar Bill Reviews

Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Fear

No Fear (Conquest #2) by S.J Frost
MLR Books
4 out of 5
4/5 PL Scale


After touring for more than a year with his band, Conquest, singer Jesse Alexander is ready to head home for a long rest with his partner, superstar vocalist, Evan Arden. When it’s time to hit the studio again, there’s competition from two new bands and tensions reach a breaking point that threaten not only Conquest’s future, but Jesse’s relationship with Evan. As he faces challenges unlike any he’s ever known, Jesse must somehow keep it together to duplicate Conquest’s success and reach his ultimate goal: showing NO FEAR and announcing his love of Evan publicly.

I enjoyed this second offering in the Conquest series, though a tad bit predictable and equally mushy. It was still a wonderful book about the sexiest rockstars eva. Evan and Jesse are back in big way, and it’s never a bad thing to visit them.

The relationship is established, but they still must keep it a secret from the public. They both struggle with hiding their love for each other, and its becoming harder for them, not to shout to the world that they are in love. It has the same feel as the first book, Evan and Jesse totally in love with each other. Others hating on that love and trying to bring them down.

A certain crush finally becomes known, involving the hater Trish. I just never really liked her and am so glad she is finally gone. I still don’t understand what it was exactly that made her fall in love with Jesse. Is it because he is a good singer, and really good looking? On the other hand, could it be that, he completely ignored you from the very beginning and you were hoping that Ur vagina would turn him straight? She just really irked me.

There is a serious conflict, and I thought it was dealt with quite lightly. The severity of the crime was no joke, and I was just hoping that the aggressors got more of an ass kicking. Or hope that they would drop the soap in prison. I think if you are going to, write something of that degree; the payout had better be good. I just wanted so much more; those bitches hurt my Jesse.

Overall, another fantastic instalment in the series. Jesse and Evan are fantastic, sexy, and downright sinful. Only once a month do I wish I was a man but these two would make me want to be one all the time. They are incredible, rocking out has never sounded and looked so good. The supporting characters are also back, some a lot better than others. Always a good time in the world of Conquest.

SideNote- Easy with the unnecessary drama.

4 Pants Off

Heart Song (Blood Mate 1) by Stormy Glenn
Siren Bookstrand
3 out of 5
3/5 PL Scale

Ten years ago, Darren Hart was rescued from a fall by a gorgeous man that tells him an outlandish tale. Once he returns to civilization, his memories blur and he begins to believe the voice in his head is a figment of his imagination. Now, Darren is a successful veterinarian who believes he is just a bit crazy. After years of therapy and medications, he has learned to live with the sexy voice in his head. He even carries on conversations and occasionally fantasizes about the voice. When he's attacked, Darren doesn't know what to think but when the voice comes to rescue him in the form of the most gorgeous man he's ever met, Darren is positive he's lost his mind. On the run from a killer, Darren has to come to terms with the fact that the voice is real and has a name. Asher Stone is the alpha of a werewolf clan and claims that Darren is his alpha mate. Can Darren believe in Asher's promise that they were meant to be together or will an unknown assailant kill him before he realizes that being the alpha mate is what he desires most in the world?  

Short Review:
Heart Song was an ok read. Nothing new offered up in this werewolf drama, but still worth a look into.

I did enjoy the whole talking to a voice inside your head for ten years. After the first year, instead of thinking I was crazy. I would be saying, “This voice is real, cus its making way too much sense”.

The sex was hot, enough of a story to keep me interested and willing to check the rest of the series out. I cannot say I was blown away, but I can say I was entertained. The characters are likeable, but forgettable. I can’t even remember their names right now. Blame it on more memory or a bad character impression (lol).

3 Pants Off

Monday, August 1, 2011

Menage Mondays

A list of my fave Trias (that's what I call it). The ultimate menage books out there, that's just not about sex, but a real building of the relationship. Lets get serious, it tough already with two people, how more complicated could it be with another. Also, the HAWT factor is off the chain, I just love the whole figuring out of who puts what where.

My Recommendations:

Dark Horse (Dark Horse #1) by Kate Sherwood
Dreamspinner Press

Dan thinks about just driving, leaving the whole mess behind. He's got enough money. He could just arrange to get his stuff and his horse shipped to wherever he's going. Taking off is what he used to do when things got to be too much, and it worked pretty well, really.

Dan Wheeler thought he'd found lasting love and stability with his life and work partner, Justin Archer. But when Dan finds himself alone again, still working as a horse trainer for Justin's parents, he has to find a way to accept that his perfect life is gone forever.

Then he meets billionaire Evan Kaminski, who arrives to buy a horse for his younger sister, and Evan's lover Jeff Stevens, a horse trainer who seems to understand more than just Dan's job. Struggling to deal with all the upheavals in his life, Dan finds himself drawn to both Evan's mercurial passion and Jeff's quiet wisdom. Is Dan strong enough to take a chance on new love, or would it be better—safer—for him to be alone?
An awesome book loved it so much. I cried, I laughed, and I yelled A LOT. Check out my review Dark Horse  on Goodreads. I highly suggest you buy this book, its mad awesomeness.
Also check out the sequel: Out of the Darkness.

Loving Edits (Basque Series #1) by Mickie B. Ashling
When bestselling novelist Mick Henley contacts his editor and former lover, Paul Alcott, after a seven-year absence, hearing Mick’s voice reinforces what Paul has known all along―he still loves Mick. The possible reunion entices Paul into considering a dinner invitation, but his hopes are dashed when he learns Mick is in a loving relationship with Spanish Jai alai player Tono Garat.

Paul still accepts the invitation, and Mick asks Paul to help Tono through the final revision of a love story he’s written, inspired by his affair with Mick. When Paul refuses, Mick reveals he’s been diagnosed with a fatal disease, and the novel is Tono’s only means of coping with the eventual outcome.

Paul and Tono resent each other, but they can't deny the strong sexual attraction between them. Can the past blend with the present to ease the way for Mick’s inevitable future? Will they overcome their differences to provide the loving support necessary to sustain the man they love or will their collision destroy Mick's final days?

This book made me cry like the little girl I use to be. So emotional, so powerful, and downright sexy.  Another one I recommend you buy, and don't forget the Kleenex.
Check out the sequel: Tono.

Gemini by Chris Owen
Torquere Press

Gent is a little wild, a little jaded maybe. When he meets Paul, he thinks he might just have found someone fresh and new, someone who’ll play, maybe someone who will be more than a one night stand.

Pretty quick, though, Gent finds out with Paul he gets more than he bargained for. He gets Jamie, too, Paul’s twin, who wants him just as much as Paul does. Gent thinks maybe he’s in over his head, in for a weird triangle that he can’t handle, but as the three come together in an explosion of passionate fireworks, beginning to explore a whole new world of heat, he learns that there can be a lot more fun in having two.

I loved this book! It might not be for everyone since there is some serious twincest going on. Its incredibly hot and will cause heat stroke. Check out my review of Gemini on Goodreads.

I say you give these books a try and indulge your senses.Whoever said that "three was a crowd", obviously never experienced a threesome.