Sunday, November 13, 2011

Campus Cravings

Side-Lined (Campus Cravings 2)
3 out of 5

College is supposed to be a time of exploring new things, learning about yourself, and having a good time doing it. For Max Henley, it was the hardest time of his life. During his sophomore year, his best friend and lover, Nick, was killed in a car wreck. A car Max had been driving. Now two years later, Max has thrown himself into his studies. Side-lined from football due to an injury sustained during the wreck, Max's entire focus is on academics. Well, that and his Professor, Alec Demakis. The problem is, whenever Max thinks about his Professor, the guilt over Nick's death returns. Can Max ever forgive himself enough to love again?

Side-Lined (campus cravings book 2) was… it just was. I have these odd moments when I find things extremely hilarious that I don’t think was intended to be, and this book was one of them. I was just cracking up, and even through all its absurdity, I freaking liked it. The story moved quite well, and was entertaining, but what can I say I am bias cus nothing better than student and professor hooking up. That alone is worth 4 stars.

So Max had a lover who died in a car crash, in the car he was driving. Nick was his first love and losing him was a huge blow and moving on is very hard. Max has just been walking like zombie for the past two years, but that seems to change when he thinks of his professor; Alec Demakis. His body awakens and for the first time in years, he actually wants someone.

Well the story takes a turn, with the beginning of Alec and Max’s relationship. It’s all about the Dom/Sub but it’s quite tame. Their feelings develop quite quickly but it sort of works since both have been aware of each other for a long time. My only piss off moment was finding about that Nick that Max loved so much; his best friend of childhood who developed into his lover was a real DOUCHEBAG!

I don’t like to speak ill of the dead but I wish that he didn’t die but remained alive so he could get the ass kicking he so rightly deserved. Fucking screwing around on Max and then moping. You should have just been honest and told him you wanted to be dominated and two subs together just does not make for a mind blasting relationship. Also Alec, you douche you should have also said something if you cared for him for so long. Left him a note, sent him an email all that shit would have worked.

Overall a short and fun story, about Max and his *Babas*, to know what that means you have to check the story out. The right amount of smut with a little story, perfect for an afternoon read.

3 Pants Off

Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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