Friday, September 23, 2011

Fanfiction Fridays #4!


Ohhh Emmm Geeee, this week went by fast but I am not complaining. So I say TGIFF (thank god its fucking Friday), I get to sleep in on Saturday.

I am giving you two more of my fave Fanfics for this week. My new obsession of course is Jacob/Edward. Though not a fan of Jacob in the Twilight series, I really am enjoying him and Edward together. Its great fun reading, and its FREE. So without further ado.... I give to you my TOP 2 picks of the week.

My Enemy, My Mate?  Jacob/Edward Hook-up.
Just so awesome. When Bella has had enough and leaves both Jacob and Edward in the dust. The two find a common ground, and something else that becomes sexy as hell. Really enjoyed reading it.

I'm What? Jacob/Edward Hook-up.
This one is hilarious with a pregnant Edward (doesn't need to make sense). Its like the Edward you had hope to see, with some selfishness instead of his selflessness. Its super sweet too.

So go on folks, check them out. I was never one for this whole Fanfic thing, now freaking look at me *winks*.

SideNote- Both stories are still being updated, but who cares they are so good that you will wait for an update.

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