Friday, September 16, 2011

Fanfiction Fridays #3!


So I lately I have been sharing some of the best Fanfic around, and 'Oh' man are they good.  It seems the best one are mostly Twilight Fanfic, but I am not complaining when Jacob/Edward are so hot together. Or is that Edward is just hot with everyone except Bella (I raise my fucking glass). 
I give you my top 2 picks of the week.This is how it should have been if Bella did die while cliff diving, or the boys just gave up on her and got naked with each other. I know shit would have been critically hot! Don't hate me Twihards, because I am also a fan; but I am also a perve. So my mind went out of the box, and Edward went straight into Jacob (oops) thinking out loud.  So without further rambling.

Basic Imptinting  Jacob/Edward Hook-Up.
I am in love with this story, and if you do read it. Be sure to check out the sequel. I am almost as obsessed with it, like I was with Twilight.

Homophobe  Mike/Edward Hook-up
This one is super sexy. A little bit of a tear jerker but sexy as hell.....There is some Mike/Edward, Jasper/Mike,  and Edward/Mike/Jasper. The ending is a bit of a surprise but 'oh so very sweet'.

So read on folks and save some money. Not a fan of Twilight? Who cares. The only thing they have in common is the names and the name of the town.

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