Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yakuza Pride

Yakuza Pride by H.J Brues
Dreamspinner Press
5 out of 5
4/5 PL Scale

When yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event, he's surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes. Shigure is even more pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks Japanese fluently, but is fluent in Japan's ways, even the more violent of the martial arts. Ken's expertise at kendo is not his most striking quality-it's the passion beneath his quiet, almost fragile exterior that ignites Shigure's lust, and the two come together as explosively as they spar.

Shigure is a dangerous man in a dangerous position. He's been trying to keep the peace with the Daito-kai-his hated rivals-but the danger on the streets is escalating, threatening those Shigure most wants to protect. He may claim to love his gaijin, but before he can keep Ken safe, Shigure will have to overcome hostility from his people, a hidden enemy, and, the most insidious opponent of all, his own hard-won pride.

My checklist of why this book was awesome.
1. Japan
2. Japanese Men
3. Yakuza
4. Interracial Love
5. Hot Man Love

I was somewhat iffy about this book in the beginning; it was a bit stereotypical of Japanese culture. With the cell phone, and the cos play and all that. Then internally I mulled it over and realized that almost everything in this book has some actual truth. This culture is all about family and honour, though conservative they are just rich in history and culture.

This book had me at Shigure Matsunaga. Shigure is a Yakuza, the English equivalent being a Japanese mob boss. He is from the lowest of the lowest when it comes to his family background, but he worked his way to the top of the food chain. Now he is a respected Yakuza, at a big fancy party mixing with the richest in bloodlines. His appearance tells you what he is, and though the upper class Japanese people hate to rub elbows with him, they need him and his men. At this party is where Shigure meets his Gaijin (non- Japanese).

Kenneth Harris is a gaijin in Japan, even though he speaks fluent Japanese and knows the customs. He still is treated like an outsider. To add more fire to the flame he has two different coloured eyes. Not only an outsider but also a freak. He feels very much the alien at a ritzy party of the Japanese upper crust, so he gets lost in his own world. Until the man with the dangerous aura captures his attention. All his instincts are saying Shigure will be bad for him, but… his cock and his heart are really into Shigure.

The attraction is instantaneous, and the bathroom stall knows it (hot getting off scene). The men begin a tentative fire cracking relationship. Though Ken is willing to give Shigure everything, Shigure is reluctant to move forward cus he is hooking up with an outsider. It becomes a battle of the feelings, and some serious rough housing between Ken and his Yakuza. All that rough housing led to some seriously Hawt scenes. Ask the back of a car and the people on the sidewalks, cus they got a show.

The plot thickens when Ken is kidnapped and tortured, which leads to some serious bro-mance between him and someone who once hated him.  I really liked Ken, he is far from a normal uke (bottom), he is one feisty little ass kicking thing. Shigure had me at “Moshi moshi”. Together they are dynamite, sexy, and crazy. Just had one hell of a time reading it.

My checklist continued…
6. Hot men in a bathhouse
7. The hottest description of some serious ink
8. Bro-mance
9. Japanese Men (think I wrote that already, but it’s very important)
10. Bad Boy/Good Boy



  1. Great review! I have been looking forward to picking up this book for a while but haven’t got the chance yet.

  2. I loved it so... much Holly. Some really hot scenes in this book, my stomach was doing gymnastics.


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