Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sudden Bliss

Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss by Sedonia Guillone
3.5 out of 5

Desperately in need of a vacation, Koji spends the most deliciously erotic week of his life at the White Tiger, a luxurious love-hotel for gay men. Naoto, his personal attendant, is everything Koji has ever fantasised about: muscular, long-haired, ruggedly handsome, gentle yet commanding. Naoto is a White Tiger, after all, trained in the erotic arts, knowlegeable in every way to bring a man to bliss.

Naoto’s appreciative eye sees the honourable and sexy man Koji-san is under the work-driven shell. Little by little, his massages and more coax the real man, the passionate, artistic, sex-loving Koji, to the surface. Yet, the more time Naoto spends with Koji, the more he finds his own soul craving a partner again, the one thing he thought he’d never find after his lover was killed three years ago. He’s not sure he’s ready to get that close again. And even if he were ready, it doesn’t mean that Koji wants the same thing. In fact, Koji once mentioned that he was supposed to get married. Yet, when an agonising secret from Naoto’s past is revealed to him, Naoto wants only to turn to Koji.

When Naoto comes to him for help, Koji is suddenly faced with a harrowing decision: remain in his work-driven, soul-killing world or follow the path his body and heart have really chosen for him? And he must choose – for in a world where passion and spirit find union, there is no in between.

This was another book shelved as 'Can't wait to read and lose my pants'. This book had me at Men of Tokyo. I was like "what! Japanese men in a whole series" I had to begin, thus it seems that every book in my lose pants shelf is cursed, because I hardly lose my pants at all.

Koji is a workaholic, stressed beyond measure and is slowly making his way into a deep depression. Work is his solitude and keeps his mind off his less than spectacular life. He is slowly deteriorating and everyone is taking notice. When his boss demands he take a vacation, Koji gets seriously close to having a nervous breakdown, and to avoid embarrassment he leaves his place of work gracefully. Convincing his boss that he will take a vacation but it will be the hotel of his choice, and what a choice it is.

The White Tiger is notorious for its service and the pleasure you will receive from its staff. Koji is feeling like a fish out of water, and his attendant is all his fantasies personified. Naoto is to take care of Koji, the fragile looking man looks lost and in need of some serious TLC (tender loving care). It’s up to Naoto to soothe Koji and unleash the sexy and beautiful man that he is on the inside. It was supposed to be a week of rest for Koji, and just a job for Naoto but both men get more than they bargained for.

I must say I really liked the book even though I was slightly disappointed. It has the sweet sexiness that I really enjoyed, but there was just one scene that threw me out of the book completely, definately my “WTF” moment. I liked Koji and Naoto together they both have a very sad history, but I could not love them. After a very captivating beginning, the book sorta fizzled for me later on. I think it was just longer than it needed to be.

Overall, I nice read and will continue the series cus I am a sucker for all things Japanese. The other characters are intriguing enough for me to continue. Moreover, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the erotic arts that is White Tiger.

3 1/2 Pants Off

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