Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Double Blind

Double Blind (Special Delivery, #2) by Heidi Cullinan
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 547 pages
5 out of 5


Poker player and professional smartass Randy Jansen believes in fate but doesn't let it rule his life. Whether he's at the table or between the sheets, Randy always knows the odds, and he only plays the games he can win--until he meets Ethan Ellison. Ethan came to Las Vegas with a broken heart and shattered spirit, and when he sits down at the roulette table with his last five dollars, he means this to be one of his last acts on earth. But Randy ropes him into first one bet, and then another, and then another.... Pretty soon they're playing poker on the Strip and having the time of their lives--and all this even before Randy gets Ethan into his bed. But before Ethan can plot out a new course for his life, they're drafted into the schemes of Randy's former lover, a tricky gangster who needs a fall guy. To survive, Ethan will have to stop waiting on fate and start making his own luck, and Randy will have to face the demons of his past and accept that to win this round, he's going to have to put up a big ante. It isn't money going into the pot this time, either: it's his heart, and Ethan's too--because for better or for worse, the game of love has a double blind.
Double Blind, is double the pleasure, double the fun and double the cum. It is funny, heartbreaking and a wonderful story into the lives of characters we have come to love. This book is in a category all on its own, the idea of using poker to explain life and it makes so much sense. This series is a wonderful tale of human emotions, the fear that comes with love and the healing that can only be found through friendships. This is the second book to Special Delivery and that book deserves its own feckin pedestal. We met Sam and Mitch and they play an important role in this book, but the book is all about Randy. I love him, which came as a surprise because he sort of pissed me off in the first book, but man oh man is this dude awesome or what.

The setting is Las Vegas and Randy plays poker professionally and he is very good. He has this uncanny ability to read people the same way he reads a poker game, but his skills are about to be shaken up with Ethan. When he makes a bet on Ethan, with no idea he would come to love him and save his life in the process. The relationship seems doomed from the start, but that’s what makes it so authentic. There is no love at first sight and candy and gum ball raindrops, the emotion cuts deep down to bone and there are tears.

Ethan gets himself caught up in some serious business with some of the more seedy business men of Las Vegas, here is this shy unassuming man and its was like coming to his own, when he takes over a casino. With millions of dollars at his disposal, it seems Ethan has bitten off more than he can chew, but no worries Randy is there as a constant guide, and it is there that a true love begins to blossom. They sound ordinary enough, but the life they live is so much more. Randy, Ethan, Mitch and Sam’s life is far from vanilla, you could call it napoleon because these boys are into some serious forms of pleasure, and when they play they play hard.

Sex or should I say sexuality is big part of this series, but this is not just fuckin for fuckin sakes. It is so much more, a way to tap into their emotions and express themselves through many different layers of sex. When all four men play, believe me when I say it is a good time, never has there been anything hotter or more beautiful. Even through dirty sex, the love they have for each other is very clear and everything just feels right.

Randy is a complex character, and Ethan is the right man for him, they both have past they would rather not share, but they find themselves opening up to each other and sharing a part of themselves that no one knows. This book is just one good scene after another. Its filled with humour, angst and nail biting moments. Heidi has done another smash hit with this book and it took me over two months to find the right words to express in this review, and I still haven’t done it any justice.

You got to read this series, its just GAWD fucking brilliant. Plus its never a bad thing to see Mitch and Sam again, and they made this book just right. With shady characters and a gay party that will have you cheering, READ IT!!!!

5 Pants Off
Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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  1. I totally loved this series! Special Delivery is still my favorite but I just love how Randy is totally turned around in this bok.


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