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Puppy Love 3

Puppy Love 3: Reawakening (Puppy Love #3) by Jeff Erno
Fanny Press
Novel: 315pages
5 out of 5

Puppy Love is the story of Matt and Petey. Not only do they identify as a Dominant-submissive gay couple, but they also defy many of the stereotypes o...more Puppy Love is the story of Matt and Petey. Not only do they identify as a Dominant-submissive gay couple, but they also defy many of the stereotypes of this type of relationship. They rarely dress in leather; they don’t hang out at sex clubs, and they have little interest in many of the heavy BDSM sexual practices. There is no denying, however, that Matt is the Master and Petey is his pup. Reawakening, book three of the Puppy Love Trilogy, is the muchawaited conclusion to Matt and Petey’s story. After the tragedies of book two, more agony and ecstasy await Matt and Petey—a shooting, an unexpected pregnancy, a big gay wedding, and tons of passionate, kinky sex scenes. Will they find their happily-ever-after ending together, or will Petey’s reawakened independence lead him down another path entirely?

It is with a sad heart that I write this review but I am also very happy at the same time. My favourite couple’s story has come to an end, and what an ending it was. As I have mentioned before I was a little skeptical about reading the series, and I blame that on my preconceived notions of what a D/s relationship was really like. I have always had an aversion to someone telling another what to do and running his/her life. That was my single story of a D/s relationship. No one is more surprised than I am by how much in love I am with Petey, Matt, Alex and Drew. I now know that, any part of sexuality is never wrong as long as both partners are willing. Let me tell you this series will make you laugh, cry and have supreme bouts of anger at least that was my experience.

The third book in this wonderful series, and man was this one a joy ride. I am talking shocking moments, moments of laughter and oh so much love. We know that Petey and Matt met under bad circumstances, when Petey was getting beats by some punks, and Matt came to his rescue. After that meeting, a special relationship was developed and both provided what the other needed. The first two books we got to see how this relationship was progressing, and even though there were so many ups and downs both Petey and Matt remained true to their characters. Petey and his unwavering loyalty to Matt, and Matt and his very assholish ways. We had to watch Petey suffer and experience pain for his master to learn a lesson in humility. Even through all this, one thing remains clear; this is story about love, pure genuine,I would give up the world for you love.

After the ending of Puppy Love 2, we know that Matt and Petey had a situation that they needed to get through, the third book provides a clear look into this wonderful couple overcoming the odds and remaining a rock in each other’s lives. I can say that there is a happy ending, but there is also some jaw dropping moments and a big WHAT THE F*CK, at this very moment I still cannot understand why. I guess it is the talent of the author remaining true to his characters, or he really is one optimistic person. If I were in their position, I would not be so forgiving. We get to meet the parents and that was not as horrible as I expected, we get to see Matt struggle with his position as a Dom, not necessarily a struggle but his more stern ways are put to the test.

The friendships are just pure wonderful, for all the things that Alex, Matt Petey and Drew have been through you would think that they would hate each other. No way is that an issue, all four remain loyal to each other and I strongly believe without the presence of Alex and Drew there would be no Matt and his pup.  They are like the pieces to their puzzles they make them fit. I love Drew and he is just a brave and truly unique friend. Its time for my favourite part, the wonderful sex. Even though it is not in abundance, there are some breakthrough moments, like Matt giving oral, talk about knocking my socks off. I died all kinds of death when I read that and if I were a dude I would have been all kinds of hard. There is also a bit of pain in this book, and it includes a new friend of the paddle. I am talking red butt cheeks and crying, mmmmm delicious. Never thought I would be one to enjoy the pleasures of pain, then again never thought I would enjoy reading about a D/s relationship. This book was just all kinds of good y’all.

Told in first person, we get to experience all the pains and joy of our Petey pup. The book moves quite well as to be expected of Jeff, I will be a fan of the author for a while to come. I am just a huge fan of love conquers all and beautiful boys, and Puppy Love got beauty. I am very happy with how the series has ended and I am sure you will be also. I was a little scared at one point when I thought Matt was going soft, but he hits us with his I am so awesome and I realize no need to worry asshole for life and I love him (A lot). As you can probably tell it was worth five stars and more, might not be your cup of tea but it says this, when it comes to sexuality nothing is ever wrong when you are happy. I love my boys!

5 Pants Off

Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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