Monday, January 30, 2012

Menage Mondays: Breaking Clay by Eden Cole

Happy Monday, and its time for Menage Monday. Though I wouldn't recommend placing this story at the top of any list. It was just all over the place and the editing quite frankly just sucked (and not in the good way).

Breaking Clay by Eden Cole
Short Novella: 64pages
Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Blurb: When Clay is injured after falling off the bull he’d been riding, sexy bartenders Bo and Trace take him into their home until he’s back on his feet. These are the two men Clay tried to pick up when he first arrived in the small town of Deadwater, Texas. He figures it’s is the perfect opportunity to have a quick fling before he’s back on the road. But Bo sees the dominate cowboy in Clay, and he won’t just hand over Trace to him. Not until Clay let’s Bo break him in.

Bo and Clay fight constantly, both pig-headed, both trying to the big man in control. Trace is caught in the middle offering Clay kisses to heal is wounded pride and hoping he and Bo can reach some compromise. Until then he’ll seduce them both in his own way. Bo is determined to break down Clay’s resistance no matter what he has to do.

Thoughts: I don’t even know what to say about this one. I was crazy ready to lose my pants to this book, with a title like ‘Breaking Clay’ who wouldn’t be. Well Clay should have been left whole and complete. I guess the idea behind having a man bend at your will is sexy as hell. This book just went about it all wrong.

So Clay is in the rodeo and it has stopped at a town called Deadwater in Texas (jeez why must Texas town names sound so ominous). He unwinds at a bar and tries to pick up the bartender cus his gaydar is going off. Only to he gets denied because Mr. sexy bartender has a very sexy boyfriend. Clay knows when to back off and so he does, but he can’t deny that the couple was hot.

As a bull rider, Clay’s job is highly dangerous and that danger catches up to him when he is injured during a competition. With no family or friends its Trace and Bo the couple from the bar to his rescue. Clay is thinking that finally, he can get into Trace’s pants injured and all but there’s a catch, Bo has to break him in.

Is Clay some kind of horse or saddle or something? I don’t know about you but I am deeply offenced (is that even a word =_= ) Bo is overbearing and kinda of annoying. He’s Mr. know it all, as if he has some psychic powers when it comes to Clay. I can’t even begin call this a ménage relationship, cus it just seems like sex to me.

The editing is a serious problem, and if I noticed editing then ‘publisher we have a problem’. I don’t really make a big deal about editing and all that because I am no editing expert, but I swore at one point Bo was literally giving himself a blow-job *I was surprised that he was also a gymnast*. That happened so many times through out the story with the mix-up of characters names. It really throws you out of the story and it seems so minor but it just happened too excessively for me to let it slide.

Overall, I am disappointed in this story, and I am not impressed with the ménage relationship of it all. It was really hard to like the characters, and I feel like I hardly know them. I think 64pages is just way too short to give a man an injury, have him move in with two complete strangers and try to forge a lasting trias relationship.

2 1/2 Pants Off

Always Remember:"3 is never a crowd and one more is always invited"

A Year Of Firsts- First book by author Eden Cole


  1. Editing is an ongoing problem for that publisher/author. Here's my favorite sentence from another of hers, Craven:

    "His cock, which had gone down, hardened immediately, and rushed over to his side of the car."

    1. That makes no sense on so many levels! They need a new editor, like serious.

  2. This is one of those hit or miss authors for me. I've read a few stories I liked. Others, not so much. Haven't tried anything new in awhile.

  3. I think she's self-published, just using the name "Risky Ink"...

  4. Now if he HAD given himself a blowjob, that would have made for a good story!

    And Chris, we need to watch out for those cocks that are able to move around in cars on their own. Oh commas, who cares where we put them? And does it really matter what is modifying what?

    1. I don't really care about commas because I don't know where to put mine like all the time.

      I just found myself going back so many times in the book because I got confused by the order of things. One second Bo is on the bed, but he's also watching himslef walk towards the bed @__@ * too mawch*


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