Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ARC: Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham

Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham
Carina Press
Novel: 173pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Mark Apolostolos should be able to have any man he wants. Handsome and smart, he's also cripplingly shy, especially around attractive men. Tired of waking up alone, he's desperate to conquer his insecurities and have a real, meaningful relationship.

He gets his first opportunity when he tags along to his sister-in-law's dance class and lays eyes on the sexy instructor. Seth Miller has a way of moving that takes his breath away. It isn't long before sparks fly and they share a steamy kiss, but Seth wants much more than just a casual encounter.

If Mark wants a real relationship with Seth he'll have to come to terms with his sexuality--but will it be enough to break through the walls he's built up around his heart? 

When I first saw the description of this book, I knew it was something I had to read. I knew I was really going to like it, and I am happy I wasn’t disappointed. I’m thinking if Dev Bentham is writing it, I’m gonna want to be reading it because for a debut novel it’s a freaking hit.

Mark is gorgeous, smart, and has whole lot going for him. He is also socially inept, crowds scare him, attractive men leaves him in crippling shyness and being in his quiet apartment is his solitude. Mark is also struggling with his attraction to men, and the fear of it translates into his life. Doesn’t stop him from doing back alleys, and men’s washroom, because if he doesn’t have to talk he can do a quick blowjob with a stranger.

 His world gets shaken when he sees Seth for the first time. His hips are a swaying and Mark is mesmerized by the man, it’s a shame nothing would ever come of his attraction because the things he wants to say to Seth only gets said in his head. Well, Seth is not about to let a good thing go, and Mark is that good thing. The way he goes about communicating with Mark is a thing of beauty.

I really love these characters, and I really like Mark. This book was about him finding himself, and not about a solution to dealing with his anxiety. Loved that Mark found some worth in taking care of his sister in law, and he wasn’t just the shy nut case anymore. I also loved the female characters; they were strong and provided a nurturing in the story. Seth and Mark together is dy-no-mite (three words) and hot as fecking hell (loved the whole treat me like a stranger).

It really was a beautiful love story, about finding that someone who makes everything just right, and never having to change who you are. It’s a story of self-discovery and healing wounds and moving on from them. Good stuff!

4 Pants Off

*ARC copy provided by NetGalley*


  1. Love the review this sounds so good! I just wish my review plate wasn't so full :(

  2. Now I really want to read this one. :)


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