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IRL Week: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Lynn Lorenz

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Lynn Lorenz
Amber Allure
Novella: 101pages
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Scott came to New Orleans the summer he fled the bigotry of a rural Louisiana town. Tony was born and raised in the City that Care Forgot and lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Now, Scott lives in a homeless shelter and has a job at Tiffany’s Waffles ’n’ Wings, a 24-hour restaurant on the edge of the French Quarter, while Tony is squatting in an abandoned house.

When Tony, desperate for cash, decides to rob someone, along comes Scott. But in the dark alleyway, the younger man stirs something long dormant in Tony. He rescues Scott from being beaten by another thief, then grabs the money for himself and runs. Ashamed of his actions, however, Tony decides to return the money. He follows Scott to work, and the two fragile souls begin a tenuous relationship.

The men fill in what each is missing and what each desires in the other. Scott leaves the shelter to try living with Tony, finding a place to belong and someone who cares for him, and Tony, who has something to prove to himself, longs to be a better man for Scott.

Together, the two kindred spirits try to create a life together in a city on the edge of a comeback...


I am deeply in love with story. From what I have read of Lynn Lorenz, her characters are always so realistic. Its situations that any person could be going through. The struggle, the desperation, and the guilt that comes with feeling like you didn’t do enough. All that and more was apart of this story, and the romance just pushed it to a completely awesome kinda level.

Scott lives on the streets, and he’s had his fair share of tough times, experiences that no young person should have. Scott is strong though, and he tries to make it in a city destroyed but not ruined. The streets of New Orleans are dangerous, but there is a fierce pride in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Scott is living in a shelter he has a job, and he’s saving his money. So you see life isn’t keeping him down.

Tony lost everything in Katrina, his family and all the things he loved. He carries strong guilt, because he survived and his family did not. So why should he have anything. He’s done many things to make some money, and now he’s about to resort to robbery.

Scott and Tony meet for the first time, when a man jumps Scott to take his money. It is the very thing Tony was about to do, but changes his mind at the last minute. He comes to Scotts rescue, but hunger and surviving has him taking Scott’s money anyways. During the little crime gone badly, Scott and Tony are very aware of each other.

The chemistry between Scott and Tony is explosive, the contrast of their description electrifies. They pull you in, even though the relationship moves quickly, but ‘why the hell not’ they deserve all the happiness because they have been through so much.

The writing is amazing! Its like I was transported to streets of New Orleans, I could taste the food in my mouth and feel the chill on the deserted streets that Scott walked. I want to pack my bags and take a trip, it’s a place I’ve always been in love with, and Lynn makes me love it even more.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a love story, and it will make your heart feel super happy. I fell in love with Scott and Tony and you can too. I wish it were longer so I could have had more time basking in the awesomeness.

4 1/2 Pants Off

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