Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IRL Week: Breaking Point by K.Piet & S L Armstrong

Breaking Point by K. Piet & S L Armstrong
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 11pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

After a long day, Malachi has the perfect plan for relieving stress with his lover, Phinn. Pushing limits has never been more of a turn on. 

Short Review:
When it comes to writing awesmazing BDSM, Ms Piet & Armstrong knows how to write them. This little story comes in at only 11 pages, and its 11 pages of hot sexy pain filled fun.

The story is set up in a sexy interlude between Malachi and Phinn an already established couple. BDSM games aren’t new them, and it used in a way to make their sex life spicy. However, with the stress of everyday work and worries facing life in a recession. Both men haven’t had the time do a hard-core scene. Well the stress is too high, and Malachi comes up with a way to for him and his lover to relieve some stress, and man if it isn’t some kinky play.

A little cock & ball torture O_O, and Malachi had Phinn panting and squirming like he’s got ants in his pants. During all this, I found myself wanting to know more about MalachI this black man with the dreads and his white boy lover Phinn. How they came to be lovers, and what other spectacular kink do they get up to?

Every time I read something done by these amazing authors, I come to conclusion that there is nothing I won’t read if it’s written well. They keep busting out this high class BDSM and have made me see it in a completely new light. I am respective and excited in my pants all at the same time. I love kink.

This story is free, so if you like your kink and want something short and hardcore. Then this story is for you. I am hoping the authors write more of Phinn and Malachi, I haven’t had my fill of them. The ending is sweet, and you are left with the connection between the lovers and you know they both got what they wanted out of their scene.

Its free so go check it out!

3 1/2 Pants Off

*You can download the story from the publisher Storm Moon Press or at ARe*


  1. This is a little hardcore for my usual taste, but definitely well-written. The author told me they are working on a novel with these two guys so there will be a lot more info about how they came together and how their relationship developed.

  2. Yep, we are, indeed, planning an actual novel with Malachi and Phinn. They run a BDSM-themed dance club in an old church called Club Confession. The first novel centers around them, and the second novel will center around Damian and Alessandro from the short Worship Me in the Love and Agony portion of Advent: Collected Shorts.

    There's also the freebie with Malachi and Phinn, Silent Night, that's more intense, short BDSM fun. :) We really like these two and can't wait to tell their full story.


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