Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's Happening This Week: INTERRACIAL LOVE WEEK!

It's that time folks, and I am so excited finally to be having my first theme week for 2012. Last year is was BDSM and this years it's all about the interracial love \YAY/. It's gonna be a big week with big prizes and awesmazing books, plus its a celebration of interracial love both fictional and real. My kids are from an interracial relationship, most of my family is and so its something I have always been around and seen. As I got older I realized not everyone is OK with people of different racial background being together. I was once told to stay to my own kind, though I'm "not that black' I was still black O_O. I know fucked up right? but it often happens.

But this post is about whats happening this week, and all the sexy beautiful man love between races that I will reviewing and giving away this week. So here's whats causing a pants losing this weeks folks.

Monday- I will be doing a post called 'It's Not Just Black & White'. Where I am sharing some of my experiences (some of them suck so bad) on interracial love and what it means to me.

I will be unleashing the Prize Giveaway Bonanza (maybe I am making it sound way too big). I think it big, so it's BIG!! It's not the Quantity it's the Quality!

A review for Harm Reduction by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane. I loved th is short, so very sweet.

Review for Whitetail Rock by Anne Tenino. This story was just awesomeness!

Tuesday- A short review for Breaking Point by K.Piet & S L Armstrong. Kris and Saundra appeal to my pervy nature.

Review for Wanting by M L Rhodes. Another awesome story with a blow job scene that made me wish for a penis (seriously).

Wednesday- A post from Lynn Lorenz called 'Variety is the Spice of Life'. You are going to love reading this post.

Review for Breakfast at Tiffany's by Lynn Lorenz.

Thursday- Review for Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee.

Friday- Review for Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen. This one has dancing and sexy man loving (yum).

Saturday- I'm making a list of my IR Recs, books I think everyone needs to read just because I love them.

*My red and blue pants met, and have celebrated their colorful love. They both realized that they were both just pants and their color didn't mean a thing ^_~*

I think everyone can see how sexy beautiful this pic is!

Happy Interracial Love Week

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  1. Sounds like a great week! I am looking forward to following along!


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