Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's Happening This Week

Howdy folks! Another week has come and gone and another is upon us. The weather this past week, was just awesome, all blue skies and sunny weather. I feel though, that this weather luck might not last -_- Its just been too good to last.

This week we have some amazingness coming at you. A giveaway, a promo post and Yaoi time. Also, I might go on excessively about the TV show Sherlock, and Edward Cumberbatch because I am willing to give him babies. I am gonna stop here before I say anything more embarrassing ^_~ Here's whats causing a pants losing this week.

Tuesday- Review for Lily by Xavier Axelson. A very intense and interesting little story.

Promo Post and Giveaway with Xavier Axelson.

Wednesday- It's time for You, Me, And Yaoi! I am reviewing Viewfinder Vol.1 by Ayano Yamane. If you haven't read yaoi and is seriously thinking about it. This might be the manga series to start with.

*That's it for this week folks, so keep it sexy and don't forget to lose your pants.*

And in my head they bend each other over!

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