Monday, April 30, 2012

Pearl by Kelly Rand

Pearl by Kelly Rand
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 24pgs
Rating: 4/5

Edith sleepwalks through a life so normal as to be boring. She lives with her mother, works a mundane job to support them, and makes no waves among the ladies of her sleepy 1920's Canadian town. Secretly, though, she watches the flappers and so-called "loose women" with envy, dreaming of what glamorous lives they must have. And that's before Clark walks into her life.

Clark embodies the world that Edith wishes she could be a part of. He's slick and dangerous and sexy in a way Edith has never experienced. So when Clark offers her a window into his world, she dives through without thinking. On the other side, though, her black and white world explodes into shades of gray, challenging Edith in ways she never imagined.

This won’t be a long review because Pearl isn’t a very long story, and I wish with all of me that it was longer. There is a beautiful story to be told about Pearl, because I want to know the girl she was, and how he became the man called Clark.

Edith is watching life go by; she would like to be a participant of it but lacks the courage to do so. It’s a life of chores, church going, and the constant bickering of women gossiping. Edith wishes to be like the flappers, with their short hair, short skirts, and cigarettes in hand. To be one of the ‘loose women’ is what Edith wants but fears she will never have.

Then there was Clark, he’s everything Edith wants. With his mysterious aura, and sexy good looks and he’s invited her into his world. Will Edith be able to accept the things Clark is offering, and live the life she has always dreamed.

The writing really captures your attention in a few pages, and Clark will have you wanting to know him. What’s rather important is that we know of Pearl, but he never becomes Pearl as you continue to read. That comes through with Edith descriptions and feelings for the beautiful man. I can picture the 1920’s so clear in my mind, the brink of prohibition and the dangers surrounding it and Clark involved in it all.

There’s something important in this story, just beneath the surface that Clark can easily go back to living as a woman if circumstances demand it, but would that make him any less of a man? It gave me something to think about and I ponder… Overall, really enjoyed this story and wish it were longer. Clark is engraved in my mind, and I look forward to see what else Kelly Rand will offer us.

SideNote- Love that freaking cover. LOVE!

4 Pants Off

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  1. The cover is really beautiful looking and the blurb makes it sound really good. I'm adding this one to my TBR pile :)


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