Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's Happening This Week

Howdy folks, its that time again to see whats happening on Pants Off. Last week I did not post much of anything, I would say it's because I had important things to do. It would be a lie because I was doing nothing, unless you count reading Sherlock FanFic and watching Supernatural as something. Then my friends, I was doing a lot ^_^

It's also bloody April already! Where does the time go? My youngest turns three this month, my beautiful baby boy (gawd he's pretty). There will be some awesmazing post by fantastic authors, with serious prizes to be won this month. Lots of fab reviews coming for some really great books, and you might get a random post from me now and again. So folks here is whats causing a pants losing this week.

Monday: Treasure by Megan Derr-  I freaking enjoyed this one and man am I amped for the next book in the series. AMPED!!

Wednesday: I am listing my top April releases that have me excited in my pants. There's some good stuff this month.

Thursday: Grade-A-Sex Deal by Erica Pike

 That's all folks, have a good week, keep it sexy, and don't forget to lose your pants.

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