Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Shout-Out: Tor by Lynn Lorenz

 Tor (Werewolf Fight League #1) by Lynn Lorenz
Shouting-Out Lynn Lorenz,

I gotta honestly say that I really enjoyed and I am surprised you wrote this.  Unlike the previous books I have read and loved by you, Tor was like reading werewolf porn meets UFC fighting *fist pimp*.

The beginning was so angst and broke my heart a wee bit, and I thought it was the set-up for heartache and pain for the entire book. Yet you surprised me, and gave me sweet and sexy with a twist at the end.  I am a fan of the Master/Slave trope if it is written properly and I think you did a good job ‘psst, have you been reading my journals?’ I mean yeh I really liked it!

The characters are… alright. I can’t hate Tor, he’s a werewolf and he’s alpha and sexy but with a heart of gold, how can I not enjoy him? Sky is a simple sexy boy, with the heart of a wolf and he lights up the pages and bedroom in his burka.

I am annoyed by this word ‘were’ in the book because it looks like freaking WERE.

“The were was big and muscled” =_=  lets just stick with the ‘wolf’ was big and muscled or the ‘werewolf’ was big and muscled. Yes, this works for me.

"I love you." Sky laughed. He cuffed Tor on the back of the
head. "Now lick me, wolf!"
Tor shifted. Sky buried his hands in Tor's ruff.
Sky threw back his hand and howled as his wolf obeyed.

Wolf licking *literally*… ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So Lynn this shout-out is for you. I can’t wait to read more about your fighting porn werewolf UFC fighters.

Warning: There is no actual porn making in this book, but what a surprising reading it would have been if they actually filmed UFC Werewolf fighing porn. Something to ponder...

4 Pants Off

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  1. Hi! I just found this! I'm so glad you liked my werewolves!
    Sorry about the were word! Next time I'll do something about it - like italicize it!


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