Monday, July 16, 2012

Game Post: Whose Line?

K. Piet and I are so happy to be here, a part of Darien's anniversary! We've loved every minute of the last year we've watched Pants Off Reviews grow. Darien's been so fun to know! An enthusiastic lover of the genre, Darien is a joy to work with, and she's become a wonderful friend to chat with. In celebration of the blog that has brought us—and many others—together to talk about books and gorgeous men, K. and I thought to play a game with Darien's readers!

 In the vein of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, we want to play the game Whose Line with you. The rules are simple. For the next 24 hours, readers of this blog can leave a one sentence piece of dialogue. It can be any line of dialogue you want (within reason; we really don't want lines of dialogue that would be way too gross to work with like excrement or vomit or the like). Examples could be like... 

 "Who touched my weiner?" 

 "Have I ever told you I love the way you make pancakes?" 

 "I love you, and I'll keep on loving you even after that volcano erupts." 

 "I want you like a monkey wants a banana!" 

 And so on. :D After 24 hours are up, K. and I will come back, pull all those pieces of dialogue you've provided, and work it into a scene of Darien's choosing! Give us one week, and we'll come back with a piece of fiction built around a scenario Darien would like using the dialogue her readers provided! So, come on! Let's have it. What do you want our characters to say? 

 --- S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet are the authors of Catalyst and Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley. They can be found at their websites, and, or on Twitter at @_slarmstrong and @k_piet.


  1. Okay, I'll play:

    "I can't believe it's not butter!"

  2. "Seriously, if you touch it again, it will explode."

  3. "Eww! You don't know where that's been!"

  4. It looks odd. Why is it so gray?

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  5. That's not what you said last night.

  6. "Be careful, you might not be able to handle what happens."


  7. I wanna put a line too!

    "Don't go putting that in your mouth, you have no idea where it's been"

  8. "Are you kidding me? That thing would have me singing soprano for days!"



  9. "OK...who can tell me...why does the kitten have purple polka dots?"

    chellebee66 at gmail dot com

  10. I wanna play too!!

    My line:

    "I used to think you were so innocent..."

  11. Can't believe I almost forgot...
    Here's mine:

    "Er... where are you going with that ladder?"

  12. "No the moon doesn't look like a big pizza pie, that's just your Italian wolfy hunger speaking."


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