Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Equilibrium by Katey Hawthorne

Equilibrium (Superpowered Love #1) by Katey Hawthorne
Short Story: 97pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Econ student Hansen Marks has been hot for Sam MacLeod since they first bonded over their secret superpowers--literally hot, since Hansen can produce fire from thin air. But soccer star Sam was always covered in girls, so Hansen kept his attraction in the closet and convinced himself that "best friends" was better than nothing.

When Sam's electrical powers freak out in public, Hansen has a sinking feeling they've been spotted by unfriendly eyes. While dealing with the fallout, Sam's emotional dependency on Hansen forces their mutual attraction to the surface. Even after they give in, Hansen is afraid to admit he's in love. Sam doesn't really like guys, he's just feeling vulnerable...right?

Just as their nights are heating up, it becomes clear Sam's electrical explosion was seen, and now someone has it in for both of them. They'll have to save each other, both from the haters and from their own fears, if they want to maintain equilibrium.

Short Review:
Let me start of by saying I love the hell out of that cover, so freaking pretty. Alright, I enjoyed this book not as much as I had hoped, but it was a good read overall.

Hansen has been hot for his best friend for a quite awhile, and it has nothing to do with the fact he can make fire out of thin air. Hansen is an awakened and can tap into his superpowers, and so is his best friend Sam.

When Sam electrical gifts go haywire in public it’s Hansen to the rescue, but someone might have seen Sam’s little glitch and is out to get them. Hansen is working hard on helping Sam control his powers, but he’s also working hard on keeping his boner in check. Seems like his love isn’t one-sided and the boys begin a glorious love affair that is literally electric and fiery as hell.

I did enjoy reading this, but I wanted some more background on how the superpowers came about. To my understanding, these powers can come about anytime. I would have liked to know the scientific/supernatural story behind it. I also did not enjoy the bit of conflict thrown in, all that mystery and crazy just didn’t feel right with me and I think the story would have been stronger without it (though it does serve its purpose). I admit that grudgingly!

I liked Hansen and Sam they were super cute. I also do really love myself a good nerd “they make my heart feel super happy” and Hansen was the perfect little geek. Sam was… he was ok but Hansen stole the show.

Overall, I liked it and look forward to reading the rest in the series.

3 1/2 Pants Off


  1. This is obviously a book I'm going to have to sit down with. This is the second time I've heard about it and now I'm very intrigued... :) Thanks for continuing to add to my TBR pile :)

  2. Thank you so much for giving my first one a chance and for such a thoughtful review. I so, so appreciate it!


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