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Sex Scene & Giveaway with Katey Hawthorne

By The River
After a bad breakup, Adam Kavanaugh returns to his sleepy old river town to find himself. His family hasn't changed, but he has some work to do readjusting to small town life, so much that he wonders if he's made a mistake by coming home.

But from the moment Leith Marshall pops out of the Ohio River and smiles at him, there's no turning back. Between Leith's swimmer body, sweet laugh, and gentle soul, Adam is head over heels. Leith lets Adam into his little world bit by bit, from his mother's abandoned aquarium shop to his elderly father's fairy tale delusions.

Which might not be so delusional after all. Leith does have a certain affinity for water. It seems almost to listen to him. The current never pulls him downriver, the tub doesn't splash, and the pool hardly moves around him even at an all out sprint. He can't spend a night away from his river, and then there's the way he sings. Adam has to admit, he'd steer his ship straight into the rocks for that.

So maybe Leith inherited a few things from his mysterious mother. It doesn't mean he'll disappear like she did. That's absurd.


Author Info:
Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of dark fiction and superpowered romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in the D.C. Metro Area. In her spare time she enjoys comic books, B-movies, loud music, Epiphones, and Bushmills.

Twitter: @hawthornetaylor


When they relaxed and disentangled, Leith rose to his knees, panting.

Adam began to ask, “Wha—”

Leith crawled into his lap, sat down directly on his cock, and reached around behind himself, between his legs, to arrange it in the split of his ass.

Leith held it there, his thighs still shaking from his orgasm, while he rocked his hips. Held so tight, in that particular place, especially as slick as it was right then, Adam’s cock gave another swell, and the world spun. Leith kissed his face, then put his forehead against Adam’s. He never stopped moving, his hand holding the head of Adam’s cock in place when it thrust out, then guiding it back into the groove. Adam grabbed for his hips, fingers pressing tight into his ass on either side, slipping, desperate for a good grip. The water was so hot, swishing around them gently, much more gently than what little brain was left to Adam would’ve thought possible, and he was so hot, and…and…and…

“I want you, Adam. I want you forever.”

Adam didn’t know when always had turned into forever, and he didn’t care because he meant them both and might’ve from the beginning. He wanted to reply but couldn’t remember how. Adam kissed him, though the constant movement made it difficult to aim.

Leith rubbed at Adam’s right nipple with two fingers, then took it between them, pinched, squeezed it out, and started all over again. The fuzzy, sharp-hot thrill raced through him and into his dick, squeezed tight with Leith’s ass and hand, his balls, all tight and caught between them. Adam groaned so it echoed off the tile.

Leith crushed his lips into Adam’s again. “Harder?”
“Please.” Adam bucked into Leith with his hips, burying his dick in the split of Leith’s ass one more time.

Quickly, Leith sat up and readjusted so Adam’s cock was between their bellies. He sat back down and started jerking, one hand tight and slippery around Adam in the water, the other still pinching. Adam flexed his hips with it, quick, sharp, hard. The sensations at either end of the hotwire flared into one; his head hit the tile behind him, and he moaned, riding out the very edge of his climax, holding it, holding it…

Leith said, “Come on. I’m watching. Let me see.”

Adam gasped as he came, feeling nothing and everything at once, so much pleasure and heat that he teetered at that teeth-gritting spot, on the verge of the high almighty nothingplace, for long seconds.

When it passed, he relaxed his grip on Leith, leaned back, and let out a long, heavy breath. “Ohhhh, ffffuck.”

Leith laughed like the water splashing and edged backward, nestling between Adam’s knees, where he had been at first. He wrinkled up his nose, looking down into the bath. “Sex is so gross when it’s done.”

Adam laughed, still breathless. The hot water prolonged the after-pulse in his dick, like one long but minor mini-orgasm.

Still grinning, Leith cocked his head. “Weird?”

“You? Or the sex?”


“Yeah. And I love you both.”

“I know.” Leith turned around and pulled the plug. “C’mon. I’ll wash your hair in the shower.”

But Adam wasn’t even close to functional yet, so he leaned back into the tub seat, head against the cool tile. He admired Leith as he arranged the soap and shampoo, occasionally stopping to unselfconsciously watch the water make a little funnel as it sucked down the drain.

~Katey has offered one copy of By The River to one of my pants losing peeps~ 

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