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Whose Line Story: Hard Deadline

So do you remember when we asked for you to tell us your line? Well if you did comment and left us your line, it can now be found in an original short story 'fuck yehs'. Check out the Whose Line post to get all reacquainted with how it all got started.

Title: Hard Deadline
Authors: S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet
Websites: SLArmstrong.net & KPiet.net
Blogs: S.L. Armstrong at Wordpress & K. Piet at Wordpress

Disclaimer: All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or shared in any form, including, but not limited to printing, photocopying, faxing, or emailing, except for quotations included in critical articles and/or reviews, without prior written permission from the authors.

Dedication: To DarienMoya at Pants Off Reviews. It's been an awesome year, and we hope the next one is only better for you!

Elliot rubbed at his eyes one more time. They were dry and sore, dammit, and he wanted to leave the conference room and run to his desk. At least there he had some Excedrin and Visine. Christ, if he was going feel like he was hung over, he should be given the most basic of remedies. Neil's voice was sharp, calling his attention back to his boss. "I need an energy drink or more coffee or a drip of pure adrenaline," he sighed, stretching in his chair. "It's two in the morning, Neil."

 "And we roll the launch out at eight, so we're not going anywhere tonight." Neil stood up, tall and lean. Elliot's eyes moved down the length of Neil's body where the cloth of a dress shirt and business slacks hung in all the right ways. "I'll send John out."

 "John's asleep." Elliot pointed at the kid—who couldn't be more than twenty—who was asleep at the desk outside the conference room. "Which is exactly where I'd like to be."

 "In bed?"

 Elliot's head snapped up. Had he heard Neil right? That edge to his voice, and was that heat in his eyes? He was sure they'd been dancing around something for weeks, ever since Neil had promoted him, but he wasn't sure. And he wasn't going to do anything to find out because he valued his job. He wasn't just some code monkey anymore. "Yeah, in bed." He couldn't help the smirk that found its way to his lips. "But you're keeping me from it.

" Neil shook his head and picked up the phone. He dialed three numbers, and John jerked awake. "We need energy drinks and food." A pause. "We're in New York City. Something is open and selling food." He let the phone drop back into the cradle, an arrogant quirk to his eyebrow.

 "You like being the boss, don't you?" Elliot snapped.

 "Yes, I do." Neil crossed his arms. "You like not being a lackey anymore, don't you?"

 Elliot snorted. "I haven't been a lackey in years, Neil. I was senior developer before you made me project manager. Which, by the way, I still don't understand." Thunder rumbled outside, and Elliot stood up, went to the window. "Great, you sent John out into a damn thunderstorm.

Poor kid."

 "He'll survive." Neil's voice was closer now, and the hairs on the back of Elliot's neck stood on end. Neil had to be right behind him. That voice... fuck, what it did to Elliot's self-control. "I love thunderstorms," Neil all but purred behind Elliot.

 "What do you like about them?" Elliot asked, and was that his voice that had gone all husky?

 Neil chuckled. "The power. The darkness. The brightness."

 "You like power." God, how close was Neil to him now? "You like challenges to that power?"

 Neil's lips were close to his ear now, and the heat of his words traveled right to Elliot's cock. "Be careful, Elliot; you might not be able to handle what happens. Power is a wild, untamed thing.

" Elliot licked his lips and wondered if the movement could be seen in his reflection. He didn't dare move, even if his words were a whole hell of a lot bolder. "I can handle anything you throw my way, boss."

 "That's not what you said last night," Neil countered, and Elliot swore there was just a hint of challenge there. Was he supposed to take the bait? Should he just ignore it? What kind of game did Neil have in mind, and would it cost him his job if he fucked it up?

 He swallowed thickly before glancing over his shoulder, trying to keep his tone light. "Yeah, well, that was when before I brilliantly came up with the solutions to the five issues we were having with the code." The others had given up and gone home, but he'd been determined to see the project through and ensure they didn't blow past their deadline. He deserved a raise, dammit, or at least a hefty bonus for all this overtime.

 "I used to think you were so innocent..." Neil's eyes were dark, sultry even, and Elliot couldn't look away. "But now, I think there's a side to you that you haven't shown me."

 "You see what you want to see," Elliot tried to say nonchalantly, but his voice cracked halfway through, and he silently cursed himself.

 Neil chuckled, and the sound went directly to Elliot's groin. "I want to see more. I want to see what strange things make you weak. Tell me your secrets, Elliot."

 It was an order, and Elliot didn't know if he had the strength to deny him. He opened his mouth, and then closed it. After doing that three times, he just decided he should stop trying. Neil's grin was just growing broader by the second, and part of him didn't like giving him the satisfaction.

 "Need a little help with words? I bet I can inspire you."

 Before Elliot could formulate any kind of protest, Neil's hands were on him, pressing through his dress shirt all the way down to his slacks. His eyes widened, and he failed to swallow back a gasp as the hands moved forward and up his front. One hand trailed down his arm, and then Neil grabbed his wrist, and brought his fingers up to his mouth.

His heart was thundering in his chest, and he spoke in order to keep from squeaking. "Don't go putting that in your mouth," he warned shakily. "You have no idea where it's been."

"Maybe not." Neil smirked at him. "But I know where it will be," he purred, and then he drew two of Elliot's fingers between his lips.

"Oh, fuck," Elliot breathed, lust coiling low in his gut. "I can't believe it's not butter!"

Neil pulled back, brow furrowed. "What?"

A flush bloomed bright and hot on Elliot's cheeks. "I mean—I—Who the hell cares?" He cupped Neil's face and brought their lips together in a deep, hungry kiss. He'd wanted to do this since Neil had hired him, and if Neil was game, he was going to take every ounce his boss offered up.

Their hands made short work of ties, shirts, and trousers. Neil kicked off his wingtips while Elliot took off socks and loafers. It wasn't long before Elliot's hands were on Neil's boxers, yanking them down, exposing Neil's gorgeous, uncut cock. He licked his lips. "Gorgeous," he whispered before drawing his tongue up the hot, hard length of Neil.

He'd only managed two good licks when Neil's hands fisted in his hair, jerked his mouth away. "Seriously, if you touch it again, it will explode," Neil panted, his eyes wild.

Elliot rose, kicking his own boxers from around his ankles. "Anything we can use for lube in here?"

Neil's eyes darted down to look at Elliot's cock. Elliot puffed up his chest a bit as Neil swallowed. "I'll be bending you over the conference table, right?"

"No." Elliot pumped himself. He was proud of the size of his cock. No one expected the thickness or length from some geeky coder in an unremarkable cubicle. "I don't think so."

"Are you kidding me?" Neil shook his head, a nervous smile on his lips. "That thing would have me singing soprano for days!"

Elliot gave Neil's ass a sharp slap. "Find some lube, Neil, or I'm just going to spit in my hand."

The soft curse that Neil emitted brought a broad grin to Elliot's face, and he crossed his arms and watched Neil run across the length of the room to the mini fridge. He moved a hell of a lot quicker than Elliot had ever thought possible from a man with such broad shoulders. He eyed those shoulders, let his gaze wander down the line of Neil's spine to his ass. His cock twitched in anticipation.

Elliot's face contorted when Neil held up a Tupperware filled with some sort of oily mixture. A salad dressing? The questioning look thrown over Neil's shoulder told him Neil had no clue either. "It looks odd. Why is it so gray?"

"It's been that way for a while?" Neil guessed. "Fermentation?"

"Eww!" Elliot laughed. "You don't know where that's been! No fucking way I'm smearing that on my cock."

Neil tossed the container back into the fridge, all but slamming the door. Elliot could see the wheels turning in Neil's head, the quiet consideration and weighing of options. Neil was the analytical type, a boss that saw a million different details and was able to catalog them and file them away in his brain just in case he needed them. Didn't matter that their situation was out of the ordinary; Neil was obviously on the hunt, his eyes scanning the conference room for anything else that would do. Time was ticking. John would be back God knew when, and Elliot was sure Neil didn't want to be caught mid-reaming by the gopher.

A grunt of displeasure, and Neil made a beeline for the door, passing by Elliot along the way. "There's nothing else in here, dammit."

Elliot shook his head, following him with quick steps, his stride a bit shorter than Neil's. He leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed as he watched Neil rummage through the bottom drawer of John's desk. His eyebrows rose when Neil stopped short and held up a ridiculous stuffed animal.

"Okay, can you tell me why the kitten has purple polka dots?" Neil asked before tossing the furry plush haphazardly over his shoulder. He obviously didn't expect an answer, which just made Elliot chuckle. Neil grunted his triumph when he held up a tube of lube and a condom.

"What the...? John? Here at the office?" Elliot chuckled. "He wouldn't be the only one, but still. You knew?"

Neil straightened, and then yanked him back into the conference room. "Nothing happens in this office without my knowledge."

Elliot fought not to shiver, and when their lips collided again, he battled Neil for dominance until his lips ached and his persistence won out. He snatched the lube and condom from Neil and bit at Neil's throat, inhaling the scent of aftershave and pure, masculine musk.

Furious kissing led to a small duel of whom would be on top of whom, and Elliot wasn't about to give his boss that particular satisfaction. Well, not yet, at least. He bit Neil's lip before he spun him around, pressing Neil's bulkier, broader frame face first against the conference table. "Stay," he ground out.

"I'm not a dog."

Elliot laughed, the sound deep and dark. "You would look lovely in a collar."

"Watch it." Neil glared over his shoulder. "I'm still your boss."

"I know, which is going to make this so damn good." Elliot rolled the condom down his cock and squeezed the tube of lube. A peel of thunder sounded, and then Neil's shout filled the room. Elliot buried himself to the hilt in one swift, sure thrust. "Fuck!"

Neil's breath rasped in and out. "Christ, Elliot. Not much for foreplay?"

"Not when John could be back any minute." Elliot's rhythm was fast, hard, the sound of his flesh meeting Neil's loud, wet, and he groaned. Oh, hell, he wouldn't last long. He was going to embarrass the hell out of himself by coming too soon. "God, so tight. No wonder... you're such an asshole."

Neil pushed back, met him thrust for thrust. "Fuck you."

"Mmm." Elliot grinned as he watched himself moving in and out of Neil. "Too busy fucking you, boss man."

It was everything his wet dreams had been. Neil bent over the conference table, moaning and clutching at the high polished top, and Elliot's cock plowing his tight hole. God, how was he going to keep working here without getting a hard-on every time he saw Neil? Screw it. He'd worry about that after they rolled out the new version of the shopping cart. Right now, he just wanted to come. He reached around and took Neil in hand, and he pumped as fast as he fucked. It was furious and base and, oh, God, he was going to come!

Elliot threw his head back and let loose a shout as his hips snapped forward, milked the moment for all it was worth. Neil's shout of climax was a distant sound compared to the pounding of his own heartbeat and the next rumble of thunder. When he came back to himself, his brow was pressed to Neil's sweaty back, his hand covered in come, and he felt the best he had in, at least, a month. He shook his head, letting go of Neil to hold the condom tight as he pulled back.

"Fucking hell," Elliot groaned, flopping back into the nearest chair. "I needed that."

Neil stood, turned, and leaned against the table. He was flushed, covered in sweat, and Elliot just wanted to fuck him all over again. "So did I. It took me a while to figure out that those side-long looks of yours weren't wishful thinking on my part."

"I dropped every hint I knew of!" Elliot tossed the condom into the waste basket. "Six months! I could have fucked you six months ago!"

"Yeah." Neil laughed. "If you'd just asked me."

Elliot let a laugh bark out of him. "Bastard."

"I didn't get to be the CEO of this company any other way."

They dressed in relative silence, and then Neil ducked out of the room. As Elliot was buttoning up his shirt, he saw Neil walk through the main office space with a step ladder. "Er... where are you going with that ladder?" he called, leaning out the conference room door.

"Do you want security to see the video of you banging my ass?" Neil smirked when Elliot blinked. "Didn't think so."

By the time Neil came back, John had come and gone, leaving them with bags from some local joint. It was odd packaging, and Elliot poked at it. Neil raised an eyebrow. "Is that a big pizza pie in the sky that the cowboy is riding toward?" he asked, pointing to the logo and motif on the bag.

Elliot rolled his eyes. "No, the moon doesn't look like a big pizza pie; that's just your Italian wolfy hunger speaking. Eat. It'll look like a moon again."

"I'm not Italian." Neil sat in the chair beside Elliot and snagged the bag closest to him. "My family is Irish."

"Are they?" Elliot opened up his hamburger, eyes sparkling. "I look forward to meeting this Irish family of yours... and getting to know you a lot better."

Neil rolled his eyes and plucked a fry from the bag. "You're fired."

Elliot laughed again. "Anything you say, boss man."

The End


  1. Enjoyed your story! Great use of all the phrases. Wondered how y'all were going to work some of them in...lol. :D

  2. Yeyyyy!
    I love this, and I found my line, :)
    Thank you S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet, and once again: happy blogaversay, Darien!

  3. Hehehe! I found my line :D Must've taken quite some time to fit in all those lines to the story :)

  4. Good job considering what you had to work with. I bet you had a hard time working in my line. At the time I submitted it I was listening to Dean Martin sing That's Amore on my ipod.

  5. I'm so happy everyone's enjoying it. :D Yeah, some of the lines were tricky, but I think they all worked. It had both of us giggling as we passed the file back and forth.

    Happy blogaversary, Darien!

    1. Thank You!! It's really great, you guys nailed the scene.

  6. It was fun to find my line and other people's lines in the story. Good job.



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