Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Scavengers: August by K.A Merikan

Scavengers: August by K.A Merikan
Acerbi & Villani 
Short Story
4 Pants Off

In 1887, history changed course. A new Plague turned the infected into flesh-eating monsters and bound the population to overcrowded cities. The rapid advance in technology creates opportunities for the rich, but also helps to spread new social ideas which challenge traditional Victorian morality.

In July of 1893, James Hurst, a perfect English gentleman, had retrieved a treasure that would secure the financial future of his family, got scarred by a zombie and lost his virginity to Ira Russell, the treasure hunter he hired. It seemed to be a match made in heaven but back in London, the harsh reality of having a wife and child came crashing into his new found infatuation.

A month later, James’ life has returned to normal, but the recent past is there to haunt him. His newly acquired wealth makes him very interesting to a lady he works with but her agenda might be more political than financial. She seems to support a new mysterious cult – The Witnesses of the Apocalypse.

James and Ira meet again in the most unlikely circumstances and this time, it isn’t as easy to let go. Deciding to risk it all, James finds Ira’s house, but who is the beautiful young man who greets him at the door?

WARNING: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes, gore, zombies, violence, angst, BDSM, lots of deliciously dirty talk and a confident, tattooed ex-sailor.

I am surprised by how much I am enjoying this series. There is nothing gripping about the plot and there really isn’t anything fantastic going on but it is freaking entertaining.

It’s one month later and James Hurst is living it up as a wealthy aristocrat after retrieving the treasure from his family home. He could not have landed the treasure without the help of ex-sailor turned treasure hunter (and other things) Ira Russell. The men shared a sexy interlude, and James then found himself being bent over and being called Boy. Experience with a man is something he had longed for, but of course its immoral and wrong and all that.

Now, James has not seen Ira in a month and he’s longing for him after his body had such a wonderful taste of carnal delights. Because of his newfound wealth, James has to be out doing important things, and he’s garnered unwanted attention. However, being important has led him right back to Ira, and now that he has him back, he’s sure that he won’t be able to give him up.

With all this romance and feeling going on, the reader never forgets that there are zombies and crazy people. There’s always crazies driven by some god to do some crazy and try to justify it (sorta sounds like the life we live in now). There is a bit of drama thrown in to keep the story from being completely pointless. I like it for the man love >.<  I love the whole “I want you but I shouldn’t, and this so wrong I’m gonna burn in hell” Makes for good reading.

I am all in to see what happens in Scavengers: September, some drama is about to unfold and I can’t wait to read it. Bring it on!

4 Pants Off

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