Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Scavengers: July by K.A Merikan

Scavengers July by K.A Merikan
Acerbi & Villani ltd
Short Story: 46pgs
3.5 Pants Off

1887, history changed course. A new Plague turned the infected into flesh-eating monsters and bound the population to overcrowded cities. The rapid advance in technology creates opportunities for the rich, but also helps to spread new social ideas which challenge traditional Victorian morality.

James Hurst is a man of obligation and good morals. After most of his family perished as a result of the new, horrific illness, he didn’t hesitate to live up to his new responsibilities. A few years later, he is married to his childhood sweetheart, with whom he has a son and his political career is going smoothly. Unfortunately, most of his family lands had been overridden by the undead and therefore, bring no more profit. Facing bankruptcy, he decides to risk it all and try to get the jewels hidden in his family manor…

In order to get there, he will need to leave the safe city walls and cross a region swarming with ghouls. He hires Ira Russell, a man whose skill at recovering valuables from lost territories has earned him a small fortune. From the moment James first saw Ira, he knew the man was dangerous, but he could have never predicted just how much of a danger he would be to all that James had always believed in.

WARNING: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes, gore, zombies, violence, angst, light BDSM and a confident, tattooed ex-sailor.

Zombies have always been the one thing that scares the crap out of me above all else. I always say, I have a love/hate relationship with them, because I can never just stay away. So when I had the opportunity to read about the creepies, mixed in with the man love. I was on it like white on rice. In all honesty as much as I wanted a bit more, I really did enjoy Scavengers: July.

James Hurst is desperate to replenish his funds when they start to run low, and as the saying goes “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. The time is 1887 and after a devastating plague, most human have become flesh-eating zombies. James must now go off into his lands that are over run with the undead and in order to accomplish his mission he must get the help of mercenary Ira Russell.

The men leave the city walls in search of a fortune hidden in one of James old estates, but before the jewels, there are some other things of value he must get his hands on. Seriously, James should have just head for the jewels. Seems zombies’ wanting to feast on his flesh isn’t nearly as frightening as it should be. While fighting of zombies, and retrieving ‘art of utmost importance’, the men find time to share a sexy interlude (seriously man freaking zombies).

I really did enjoy reading this short, but I had few niggles which knocked the .5 in making this a 4PO. I wanted more background on the plague. I know it was meant as a short offering, but I am curious about the how the plague came along, and how life was before it wiped out almost everyone. I wanted a bit more background on Ira, he’s all clothed in mystery (mercenary I know) but I really want to know if he lost anyone in the plague.

Overall, I really liked it and look forward to reading the next instalment. Scavengers has really captured my interest, and I want to read more about the things I love to hate zombies.

Warning: Do not have sex when you might possibly be attacked by zombies. You might lose some very important parts. No actual parts were lost in this book (luckily).

3.5 Pants Off

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