Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Above All by Jane Elliot

Above All by Jane Elliot
Manifold Press
4 Pants Off

When volatile genius Dr Jasper Swinton accidentally hits a homeless man with his car one night in a seedy part of town, he finds himself taking responsibility for the man’s recovery in a very personal way. Before long, Brian has become such an integral part of his life that Jasper doesn’t know how he’ll ever begin to manage without him – until the day comes when he has to …

What a surprise and unexpected amount of awesome this book was. It has been awhile since I read an offering from Manifold Press, and now I will be looking into them more often. Above All, will make you smile for the unusual romance, and crazy fun characters.

Jasper is super genius, but based on what often comes out of his mouth you wouldn’t know it. He has a prickly temperament, works too much, and it comes as a surprise that he has friends. When his mouth gets him into trouble and fired from his job, he finds himself taking a little R&R and ends up in some dodgy part of town. It's there he has an accident and hits a homeless man, Jasper wants to take the man to the hospital but the man refuses to go. Jasper then takes matters into his own hands and brings the man to a doctor friend. After all, he's the reason for the man injuries.

After a dishonourable discharge, Brian hit rock bottom, and now he's a homeless veteran suffering from all manners of emotional issues. Life has taught him not to trust easily because it only brings heartache. Until he finds himself up-close and personal with a car, and the driver to become a constant staple in his less than stellar life. Dr Jasper Swinton comes swooping in, taking care of him, feeding him, and giving him a sense of home he hasn’t had in a long time. But kindness always comes with a price tag right? Jasper has to want something from him.

The relationship that develops between men is a beautiful friendship, and fun filled moments. It was hard for them to get to point A and on to point B but darn was it fun to read. Their personalities are so different so they compliment each other well. A romantic relationship develops very later on in the book, so this story is definitely not about the sex. It’s about the unexpected and the good that can come from life and people.

I really like Jane Elliot’s writing, its fun and gets the serious stuff across but does it in a light way. Jasper really steals the show in the book, he's so crazy jealous and gets off on revenge (I want him as a friend). He is always up to something wicked and totally hilarious. If you want a light fun read, then Above All is a book to check out I am just so happy I took the chance and read it.

4 Pants Off

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