Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Love, Hypothetically by Anne Tenino

Love, Hypothetically (Theta Alpha Gamma) by Anne Tenino
Riptide Publishing
Novella: 120pgs
4.5 Pants Off

Paul's been called many things—graduate student, humanities tutor, jock-hater, even broke—but "forgiving" isn't one of them. When the new women's softball coach at Calapooya college specifically requests Paul to tutor his athletes, Paul's forced to put aside his strict "no athletes" policy for the sake of his paycheck.

Enter Trevor Gardiner, former Major League Baseball player and Paul’s high school boyfriend. Yeah, that one—the guy who sacrificed Paul for the safety of his closet and his future career. But Trevor’s come out and retired from baseball, and now he’s looking for forgiveness and a second chance.

There’s no earthly reason Paul should give him one, but he keeps letting the man state his case. And touch him. And take him sailing. The waters are far from smooth, though, and Paul says awful things to Trevor he isn’t sure he means. Now Paul has to decide: apologize and forgive Trevor for everything, or chalk it up as revenge and move on.

Frat, Boy, and Toppy left me in stitches, and after the scene with the hairbrush, I wondered how Anne Tenino would top that. Love, Hypothetically is just as funny, sexy, and offers up the same amount of emotional story. Yes, it’s funny as feck but its darn god sweet, it made me all gooey inside and I devoured the whole book in about two hours. Paul was introduced in book one of the series and I am not gonna pretend. He was a colossal asshole, and he is still an asshole but of the most awesome kind.

Paul uses words to cut a person down to size; he's cynical and a bit dark. He also has this unusual hate for all things jock. He don’t want one, he don’t like them around, and mostly he doesn’t trust them. You see his hatred is a personal one, and his hurt is transferred to anyone who wears a jock strap and put their feet in runners. When the man who created his jock phobia comes, walking back in his life Paul hides behinds his sharp tongue and I don't give an eff attitude. How do you move on from your first love outing you and offering you up to the sharks. You do not. So nine years later Paul cannot forgive Trevor. Even if it is love, it’s hypothetical after all.

Can I just say that I am head over heels in love with Paul. He is so much fun and genuine in his bitterness. I never once found him annoying and understood his apprehension in jumping into a relationship with Trevor. Some say leave the past behind, but sometimes the past can shape a persons future. This rings true of Paul, he doesn’t have a trustful bone in his body and even keeps his friends from getting too close. Trevor is your typical male character; he's sweet, sexy, and is going a bit bald (wait, that isn’t typical at all). Together both he and Paul provide an entertaining and sexy read.

Love, Hypothetically is a quick fun filled read, and it felt like visiting old friends. It’s been awhile since I laughed with such joy from reading a book, and gems like these don’t come along often. I recommend you read this book for the high entertainment value and the stellar writing. I wish I had more eyes so I could read more Anne Tenino, obviously someone decided only two is enough, pffft. Recommended!!!

4.5 Pants Off

I don't recommend often but when I do, it's an Anne Tenino.

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