Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking A Chill Pill!!!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I am leaving.... Ha-ha totally kidding. I am just here to announce that I will be taking some time off reviewing, because I feel the need for a break. No, nobody pissed me off, and I am not angry about whatever crazy is happening in the book world. I just really need to take a break, and go read all the books on my TBR (ok maybe a few of them).

Also, I will be cracking down boot camp style on my oldest son. He is having some difficulty in school and I am going to try to implement some new routines in hopes that it will get him to focus. Being my first-born, I have spoiled him tremendously and now he is so stubborn that he drives people bonkers. I have to crackdown while it’s still early.

My last review will be sometime in the middle of October around the 12th. So at this time, I will not be accepting individual review requests and I apologize. If you have a late November early December release them maybe we can talk. Fehu, Buggy, and Hannah will still be reviewing so there is that to look forward to. I plan to return for December 1st to start spreading Christmas joy so I will not be gone forever.

All post and giveaways will go as scheduled for those that I have committed to, so do not panic. I am still down for posting; I might even post pretty pics of my food creations (no promises). All scheduled post will go as planned!

I apologize for how sudden this is, but do not fret my pets >.< I will be back.

Thank You!!


  1. You will be missed, my dear, but I hope you have a lovely break to recharge your batteries :)

  2. Yes, you will be missed :/ I love reading your reviews, they're so honest and well thought out. It's what makes them the most reliable. Plus, you're funny and usually manage to make me snort or giggle when I'm reading your blog posts ^.^

  3. Hope your time off will recharge your batteries and will be a productive one with your son.


  4. I'm going to miss your reviews, I can always count on you to give me a good laugh but I completely understand the need to take a break (having just done it myself!). I hope things work out with your son. Get that boy in line before he gets too big. Mine is 16 and is still driving me crazy. I will finally be able to breathe again when that boy graduates!

    1. Thats why I am cracking down now, he's six so there is time to get him on track.

      Thanks for the kind words and WELCOME BACK ^_^


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