Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's Happening This Week!!

I don't know about you guys but time is moving insanely fast for me. This week was a bit suck with my oldest getting sick, had to spend a bit of time in the ER. He is doing well now, but it's always scary when he gets sick. He missed a few days of school and he isn't sad about it.

Pants Off is about to pick up the pace around here, and you can see it with all the awesome coming this week. My reviewers are made of awesome and they really step up and get things done. So yay to Buggy, Fehu, and Hannah!!! 

Be sure to check out the festivities over at Torquere Press, they are celebrating nine years and there is lots of awesome to be one. So go check it out.

Here's what's causing a pants losing this week...


  • Review: Beneath the Surface by Kate Sherwood (Fairly decent read)
  • Review: Steamroller by Mary Calmes (Reviewed by Hannah who loved it)
  • Review: Technically Dead by Tia Fielding (Yikes)

  • Review: Ash and Echoes by Augusta Li (Reviewed by Fehu)
  • Campus Visit by Stella Huerto (Reviewed by Hannah)

  • Carved In Flesh Blog Tour (M.A Church)
  • Review: Carved In Flesh Anthology (Various Authors)

  • Written In Flesh Blog Tour
  • Review: Written In Flesh Anthology (Various Authors)

  • Review: Love Hypothetically by Anne Tenino
  • Review: The British Devil by Greg Hogen (Reviewed by Hannah)

  • Review: Stone Rose by Megan Derr
~Enjoy Your Week Everyone~

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