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Guest Post & Giveaway: An Interview with Dusty by Piper Vaughn

It's always awesome to have Piper stop by the blog. This time she has a lovely interview with Dusty from OST (One Small Thing) world. Dusty now has his own book and is spilling all his secrets. Check it out!

Hey, all!

Piper here. :) One True Thing comes out in two days, and MJ and I are very excited! It feels like it’s been a long time since this book was accepted and One Small Thing came out in May. In reality, it’s been under six months, but you know how it is when you’re impatient for something. :)

Due to us both having deadlines in the last couple of months, we didn’t really set up a blog tour for OTT. I did schedule a couple of blog spots, though, and for this one I thought it’d be fun to do a character interview for Dusty. I posted online to ask readers what they would ask Dusty if they could, and these are the questions I got. Hope you enjoy his answers! <3

From cturtlechick:

Okay, when we saw you last, Dusty, you were moving across the country to pursue your dream. How's that going?
Great! I love California so far and the house Rue, Erik, and I found is awesome. I rent a chair at a salon just ten minutes away and so far I like all of my coworkers and the smoothie shop and cafĂ© down the street. It’s a great neighborhood.

Have you worked on anyone famous yet?
Nope. Well, I suspect I’ve worked on a porn star or two, but I don’t know how famous they are. I’d say my salon caters to the upper middle class. The salon where Rue works is trendier and more exclusive. He’s more likely to run into celebrities than I am.

I know Alice certainly uprooted Rue, and completely enchanted Erik. How has she impacted your life?
Oh, God, Alice has changed all our lives—and for the better. She brought Erik into our circle, which is just awesome. I never thought I’d see Rue settled down, but it’s great, you know, and it only happened because of Alice and Erik. I mean, you can’t be a club boy forever, right? Maybe it wasn’t what he would have planned, but I think she made him even more determined to chase after his dream. As for me, I think having Alice around is good practice. I really do want kids someday. I always have. Alice showed me what an incredible experience raising a child can be. Hard, yeah, but so worth it.

From Seymour James:

How do you feel about living in Oz because I would love to adopt you?
*laughs* Five years ago, I might have taken you up on that, but I’ve always thought it would be cool to visit Australia. Maybe when I do, I can stay with you. :)

From Henrietta Clarke:

What's the most important thing you look for in a guy?
Honestly? Kindness. Some of my exes have done a number on me. My last one especially. Sure, looks matter. You want to be attracted to your partner, of course. But in the long run, would I prefer a nice average guy to a hot jerk? Hell yeah. Really, I think someone like Erik would be awesome. He’s cute and nice and so unaware of just how special he is. I really… well, I’ll just stop there because he is very much taken. I’m sure you get my drift, though. Nice guys don’t always finish last. Not in my opinion anyway.

Favorite possession and why?
It would probably be a tie. I have a lime green Coach tote that I scrimped for months to buy. Usually my clothes are dark, but I love bright accessories and I knew I wanted one in that color the moment I saw it. Aside from that, I have a pink and black plaid fleece blanket. I love that because it’s soft and warm and being wrapped up in it just comforts me. I sleep with it every night.

What song do you listen to when you’re down?
“Happy Together” by the Turtles. It’s kind of bittersweet because it reminds me of my sister growing up. She used to sing it all the time. It always makes me smile.

From Terry Milien:

Does your name have anything to do with your housework abilities? :3
*laughs* Did Rue put you up to asking that? Dusty is short for Dustin, but Rue calls me Dustpan all the time, even though he knows it annoys me. That’s okay, though. I get him back by calling him Underoo. But to answer the question, no. I’m kind of a neat freak. (Not as bad as Erik, though.)

From Kelly Birch:

What would you like your man to surprise you with?
I’m a simple guy. I wouldn’t need anything major or expensive. I’d be happy with a home-cooked meal. No one has ever cooked for me aside from Rue, and that doesn’t count. Besides, I’m usually the one doing the cooking.

What’s your favorite book/film?
I don’t read much, but my favorite movie is Serenity. Erik introduced Rue and I to a bunch of shows we’d never seen before. Firefly was my favorite, by far. I love Mal, and I thought Serenity was awesome. :) Before Serenity, I would have said The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s still one of my all-time faves.

From Sue N.:

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Johnny Depp. Talk about a man who has grown sexier with age. It’s a shallow answer, I know, but he’s beautiful. I don’t know that I’d even be able to talk to him, though. I might get too shy.

Do you have a childhood idol?
I guess I might say Rue. I’ve looked up to him since we met. When I was at my lowest point, I completely fell apart. He picked me up and kept me going, and he’s been there ever since. I’d like to think I’ve helped him too over the years, but I really don’t know where I’d be now if he hadn’t been there when the people I trusted most abandoned me.

From JP Barnaby:

What's your favorite thing to put in your mouth?
*blushing* Oh, my God. Um… peaches? (Okay, I know that answer kind of sucks, but it’s true. It’s my favorite fruit. *laughs*)


And that’s it! Hope you guys liked learning a bit more about Dusty! One True Thing comes out on October 26th in both ebook and paperback formats.

You can find MJ and me at:

One True Thing
Blurb: Dustin Davis spent years wishing for a prince but kissing frog after slimy frog. When he sees Archer Kyriakides for the first time, Dusty thinks his luck has finally changed. Archer could be it. The One. But their hot and cold romance leaves Dusty confused: why does it feel right one moment and wrong the next? It doesn’t make sense—until the day Dusty meets Archer’s identical twin, Asher, and realizes he’s been seeing them both.

Asher Kyriakides dreams of being a fashion photographer, but he’s stuck with a job he hates and an irresponsible playboy brother whose habits drive him absolutely insane, especially when he finds out Archer is dating the cute little blond Asher can’t seem to forget. Torn between loyalty and desire, Asher does nothing but try to warn Dusty away.

But when Archer finally goes too far, Dusty turns to Asher for comfort, and Asher knows he can’t refuse. It isn’t long before they realize they’re falling fast, but more than one thing stands in their way, not the least of which is Archer, who isn’t quite ready to stop being a thorn in his brother’s side.

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