Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Bound: Forget Me Knot by H.B Pattskyn

Bound: Forget Me Knot by H.B Pattskyn
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 260pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Jason Kennly needs to get a closer look when he spots a gray leather collar from across the dealers’ room at a science fiction convention, even if there’s no way he can afford it on his college student budget. After all, looking is free. But then he spots something he wants even more than the collar: leather booth owner Henry Durand, who insists Jason try it on. When Henry asks Jason to be his model at a bondage demo, Jason agrees despite his lack of experience as a sub and ends up spending a no-strings-attached weekend exploring his kinky side with a virtual stranger.

Then the con is over, Jason and Henry go their separate ways, and it’s back to real life. Coming to terms with his identity as a submissive and masochist isn’t easy for Jason. Suddenly he has to face fear, doubt, and a best friend who’ll do anything to get him away from “that creep” and back together with the ex-boyfriend who ignored him. All Jason wants is to be with Henry, but what if that means becoming his slave?

BDSM is one of my favourite tropes to read. Something about giving up control and getting your ass paddled really appeals to me. So when I saw this book I just knew I had to read it, and with that fabulous cover to go with it, I was on it like white on rice. I was expecting to like it a bit more, but it turned out to be a decent read.

Jason is working at a convention when his eyes are caught on a beautiful leather collar. Wanting to wear a collar is something he keeps to himself, so he's just going to have to eye shop because the collar is way over what he can afford. When the owner approaches him, Jason is mesmerized by Henry and deeply attracted to his leather clad body. Suddenly Jason is having a weekend out of his fantasies; He's finally able to explore his very submissive side.

The story then delves into Jason life, his struggles with money, the death of his mom, and living with a dad who cares nothing for him. The past has shaped Jason into who he is now, he is insecure, doubtful, and has no confidence in himself. So with Henry it comes as a surprise that he wants him when all he does is screw up. Henry brings out something that was dormant, and it both frightens and thrills him. Is he broken in wanting to tied up, spanked, and possibly owned?

Jason does not become a perfect submissive; it pretty much takes the entire story for him to become somewhat comfortable. This really sheds light on Henry the experienced Dom. He is presented as knowing but not larger than life. He makes mistakes and ultimately learns as he's teaching Jason. I really enjoyed him as a character but I wished there was more about him other than being apart of the scene. In addition, he's a tad bit pushy and needed to tone it down a bit.

I felt like too much time was spent on the pain part when it really should have dealt with Jason submissive side. Jason really isn't masochist but he does have a very strong submissive side and it’s all overshadowed by pain. That’s where my rating fell, every scene dealt with pain and Jason was being pushed to his capacity.

I enjoyed the progression of Jason and Henry's relationship so when an obstacle hit I believed they could survive it together. The supporting characters and Jason's life make this book more than one big sex scene with some dialogue. I enjoyed it, but it was not the awesome I was expecting. It's a decent BDSM novel with the strongest part being the romance.

3.5 Pants Off

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