Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Love in Plain Sight by Susan Laine

Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations #2) by Susan Laine
Dreamspinner Press
Novella: 89pgs
3 Pants Off

A Senses and Sensations Story

What does love look like? If you see it, will you give it the attention it deserves?

Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but he’s strong and capable. He’s been involved with Detective Jordan Waters for a year now. Their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing, but their love is on solid ground. Too bad their work lives are on shakier soil—Jordan’s is, anyway, as he sets out with his partner to investigate Aldous Henley, a shady art dealer suspected of forgery and smuggling. But proving these crimes and bringing the man to justice is more challenging than Jordan expected.

Before long, Henley isn’t just a work problem. The case consumes Jordan’s attention, and he’s struggling to balance his busy professional life and his equally important private life—especially with a significant anniversary approaching. Love may be in plain sight, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted.

Short Review:
I wanted to give this story a chance because I did not really like the first book. It annoyed me due to one of the main MCs, and so I wanted to try this book in hopes of a redeem. Although I didn't love this one, I did like it more than the first.

Sebastian and Jordan are back and completely solid in their relationship. The first book was them getting to know each other and trying to build life in their hectic world. Sebastian being deaf and somewhat fragile proved challenging but Jordan being the charmer that he is captured Sebastian's heart. Now one year later they share a home and is surrounded by the people that are important them.

This book offered up a bit more plot, with Jordan chasing an art thief and sleaze ball. The blurb is a little misleading because I really thought there would have been problems within the relationship caused by the onset of work or by Jordan ignoring Sebastian. I found Jordan to be less annoying this time around, but that could be because the story was all in Sebastian's Pov.

Overall, a lot better than the first book (my opinion). Still needs to tone down on being overly descriptive. I get it already, Jordan is so awesome and Sebastian is so beautiful with all that snowy white skin (been there). I haven't given up on Susan Laine and will attempt another of her stories a little less worried now.

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3 Pants Off

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