Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's Happening This Week!

I hope you all had a fab week. Yah, last week was supposed to be last with the reviews but I got a bit behind. So expect two reviews from me this week, I don't want to leave behind any loose ends. Expect things to be slow and spontaneous  I will post reviews from the other girls but I believe this will be the last WHTS until December.

There is some good posts coming this week with an awesome giveaway so don't miss out. I just cannot wait to kick it and just chill, gonna be super awesome. I watched Prometheus last night and well... my final conclusion is this "sometimes you should just leave shit alone". Yes, its so exciting to find stuff out but finding things out can lead to dying and other stuff' Just saying.

What's causing a pants losing this week....


  • Guest Post & Giveaway with Abigail Roux: Gravediggers Brawl 

  • Review: Caleo by james crawford (It's just so long)
  • Review: Domestic Relations by K-Lee Klein (Reviewed by Fehu)

  • Review: Three Swords by Theo Fenraven

  • Guest Post/Excerpt with Augusta Li

~Enjoy Your Week Everyone~

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