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Guest Post: "After The First of Love " Personality Quiz

As co-authors thrilled to share with you our new, contemporary gay romance novella, After the First Taste of Love, we could give you a romantic summary or tempting excerpt. But you can find that on the publisher's site, and it hardly makes for an exciting blog post. So, instead, we invite you to take...

The After the First Taste of Love Personality Quiz!

For the following ten questions, choose the answer that most closely matches your preference (or the preference of your romance novel alter ego). Your results will lead to a characterization (based on five characters from After the First Taste of Love) and a prediction for your best chance of a romantic happily ever after. Ready? Set? Go!

1. Favorite kind of movie to lose yourself in?
a. Drama or action-adventure
b. Fantasy or romance 
c. Political thriller 
d. Chick flicks e. I prefer books.

2. Favorite meal? 
a. Something spicy and ethnic—like my lover. 
b. Pizza, delivered right to my door and ideally to my mouth. 
c. Expensive and at a high-class restaurant. 
d. Fries, shakes, chicken strips, tacos, burgers—hard to pick just one fast food. 
e. Ooh, are you paying?

3. Pets? 
 a. Cats 
b. Dogs 
c. Filthy animals in the house? I think not. 
d. Do Hello Kitty toys count? 
e. Tropical fish are restful.

4. How do you express emotions? 
 a. Casually but honestly.
 b. With great, sloppy enthusiasm, if I feel safe. 
c. Fuck off. d. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry. Whatevs. 
e. Depends on how hard you push me.

5. What's the best solution to an argument?
 a. Talk it out, calmly and quietly. 
b. Last one standing. 
c. I'm always right. 
d. Beg, whine, pout; if that doesn't work, yell until they give in. 
e. Just walk away.

6. How gay are you? 
 a. I'm gay. 
b. However much there is. 
c. None of your damn business. 
d. OMG so not! 
e. I was gay, but now I'm playing for both teams.

7. What's included in a fun, intimate evening with your lover (after dinner and before sex)? 
 a. A movie or video games and a beer. 
b. If I'm getting lots of attention, the rest doesn't matter. 
c. I don't do "intimacy" that isn't about sex. Why would I? 
d. *giggle* I can't believe you're asking me this! 
e. Depends on my mood…and my lover.

8. Are you a top, bottom, or switch? 
 a. Top 
b. Bottom 
c. What's higher than Top? 
d. I don't know what that even means. 
e. Switch: why miss out on anything?

9. Are you kinky? 
 a. Depends on how you define it, I suppose. 
b. Hell yeah. 
c. When it makes me feel good. 
d. No! Stop asking me this embarrassing stuff! 
e. With the right partner, sure.

10. The sounds a lover would most often hear from you during sex: 
 a. Quiet groans are all I'm admitting to. 
c. As if I'm going to tell you. 
d. OMG, like I've even done that!! 
e. Come on upstairs and find out.
Awesome! You're done! Now count your answers by letter and use the following guide:

Mostly a's: You're the Angelo type. Like the "big bro" main character the novella, you like to be in control but you're no control freak. When you lead, it's gently. Though you might be shy, you're also honest and loving. With the right partner, you could learn to let go a little and live more on the wild side.

Mostly b's: Look out world, you're the Nick type. Like the "little bro" main character in the novella who's been hurt but knows what love is, you may not lead, but you know who you are and you usually get what you want. In the right circumstances, you let it all hang out and reap the rewards and the consequences. You might need someone to keep watch, a protective type that helps you be all you can gayly be!

Mostly c's: Yikes, really? You're the Barrett type, based on Nick's ex, a dominant and emotionally abusive power-monger who needs control to stave off the whirling vortex of fear inside him. Easily angered and annoyed, even the most patient souls have a hard time getting close to you. And when they do, you often drive them away. Before you find (and lose) your soulmate, how about a course of therapy and some anger management training?

Mostly d's: You're the Santina type, Nick's spoiled teenager sister, and probably too young to be reading the novella. You’re na├»ve, perhaps even a bit clueless, but you mean well. When you're old enough, make sure you pick someone who's mature and kind, helping you to grow up and get what you need rather than what you want.

Mostly e's: Marina is Nick and Angelo's main confidant, and you're her type. Or rather you're like her. But you may be her type, too. More easy-going than most of your friends, you take life as it comes and try not to close too many doors. Hard to say who you're best suited to pair up with, but you know the right one when you see him or her…or them.

A mix of a-e: If your letters don't line up, perhaps you're not a type at all! Consider yourself an engaging mix, celebrate your uniqueness, or claim the type you like best. After all, quizzes are just for fun, and we hope you've had some taking ours.

We welcome your feedback to the quiz in the comments!

After the First Taste of Love – Now Available for $4.99 (e-book) and $9.99 (print)

Talon Rihai and Salome Wilde are the authors of After the First Taste of Love, their first novella, which is now available through Storm Moon Press. They can be found at their website, Sal & Tal Erotica.


  1. I'm equal A and E, which actually sounds pretty right on. :-) Fun post.

  2. Cute and fun :) I'm almost all B answers so I guess that makes me Nick. Clever way to get me to buy the book to find out who Nick is, lol ;)

  3. Haha, how fun! I got Nick with mostly b's! =^o^=

  4. Mostly E (5) hmmm...yep, kinda sounds like me. hehehe


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