Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) by T. Baggins

Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) by T.Baggins
Voodoo Lilly Press
Novel: 258pgs
4.5 Pants Off


Andrew Reynolds is determined to stay in New York City as long as his sister Marie, a cancer patient, needs him. But despite his good looks and talent, Andrew hasn’t managed to find work as an actor. With his bank account empty and his credit cards maxed, Andrew needs money fast. Gay escorts make a nice living, but there’s one problem—Andrew isn’t gay.


Ever since his early teens, when Andrew’s father shocked everyone by coming out, Andrew has been uncomfortable around gay men. Pretending to be gay will be the role of a lifetime. From male/male dates to erotic toys, spankings and more extreme play, Andrew must satisfy his clients without revealing his usual tastes.


Andrew’s first date with closeted politician Cormac Donovan ends in disaster. Yet with each successive booking, the attraction between them grows. As Andrew struggles with unexpected new feelings, Cormac puts his senatorial career in danger. And what began as a way for Andrew to earn money becomes a one-way ticket to heartbreak—or lasting love.

Me: "Not another damn title with fifteen and freaking shades in it" *bleh* but the fact that the author wrote two favourites books of mine (before the name change) I definitely had to read it, ridiculous title or not.

Andrew Reynolds is a struggling actor, worried about how he's going to pay the rent and get food to eat. He could move back home, but his sister is in New York and living with cancer and he's determined to stay by her side and help. The medicals bills are piling up, but he's gotta grin and bare in hopes that something awesome and good paying will come along. What he never expected was to become gay for pay, as an escort he will have to wine and dine with men (the thought nauseates him but the pay will be good) Hopefully he doesn't blow his cover and gets the boot because of an unsatisfied customer.

Andrew already has history with gay men, one being his father and his father's partner of many years. The break-up of his family left him shock, hurt, and is the very reason he fears gay men. So being gay for money will be a true test. When he meets his first client Cormac, the night goes by pleasantly and Andrew finds that he enjoys Cormac's company. Suddenly he's drunk and spilling all his secrets and the men form a friendship, they never expected. 

Omo, this book went places I didn't expect it to. I expected that Andrew would fall for Cormac and dive into the pleasures of gay love. While he does fall for Cormac, Andrew's first sexual gay experience comes from elsewhere (which I completely hated and found sort of pointless in the long run). He was so dead set against this "gay thing" but then he just sort of fell into it. I wanted him to have a meaningful first time but in the end, it felt meaningless for me. Then suddenly he's a teacher of all things gay, which is a gigantic leap from how he was in the beginning. Would have bought it if there was a better transition.

Even with all the things I did not like, I enjoyed Andrew's adventures, his relationship with his sister was written wonderfully, and his developing relationship with Cormac was enjoyable to read. I am very glad the book didn't go the way I expected it to, which is what I have come to love by this author, she's never afraid to push it.

There is an HEA and I was very happy with it. I loathed most of Andrew's choices but in an odd way, I understand them. Loved the role Cormac's career played (made for some interesting situations) and he turned out to be a surprise. Overall, it was awesome and I gobbled it up fast.

Should You Read It? For one don't let the cheesy title put you off, and get ready to dive into an excellent read. Be prepared for the unexpected and to get a bit teary eyed. Though I did have moments of "fuck this shit", it's those moments that made me love it more. It’s a winner!

4.5 Pants Off


  1. It's what I love most about Tee Baggins: she's not afraid to break the rules. And she's a hell of a writer.

    1. Ditto! Always excellent, always willing to go further.


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