Sunday, December 16, 2012

What's Happening This Week!

Hello folks, and I hope you all had a wonderful week. Christmas is so very close for those who celebrate, so that means the stress of it comes to a close very soon :D

It hasn't been the best weekend for me mood wise based on what has happened in Newton CT. As a mother myself it has hit me so hard and my heart hurts so much for the parents/families who have to spend this holiday without their loved ones. I just want to hold my boys and never let them go, and I fear for a world where parents have to bury their very young children. Yes, I am a country away but I mourn with them, pray with them, and knowing that their babies are in a better place. A place far better than the one we live in.

In times like these we need picker uppers and to live like there is no tomorrow. So I hope Pants Off brings you a little joy this week with our Christmas theme. All week reviews and guest posts for the holidays that will bring good cheer to you all.

Here's what's causing a pants losing this week.....

Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Katie Porter
I Don't: A Christmas Wish by Kari Gregg
Soups & Diners by Alex Whitehall
By Chance by Cat Grant (Not holiday themed but what the hell)
Lucky by Ana Bosch
Bianca's Plan by B.G Thomas

Guest Posts & Giveaways:
Dinosaurs are Better than Dolls by Rhys Ford
S.L Armstrong
Series by Cat Grant (Blog Tour)
Ana Bosch
K.A Meriken
A holiday themed short by Blaine D. Arden

~Enjoy Your Week Everyone & Be Safe~

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  1. Aw D, Beautiful post! My heart hurts too and I don't even have kids, I just can't imagine....
    I thought of you and your boys almost immediately. Give them an extra hug from the Bugster in BC.


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