Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fan-Art Segment: Pants Losing Art (Kumagorochan)

~ I am really excited about PORs first ever Art post *Squee* and this artist is incredible  First I wanna thank Kumagorochan for giving me the opportunity to post his work on my blog. Will give more details at the end of the post.~

Teen Wolf: Calming Sounds of Nature

Teen Wolf: Run With The Wolves

Supernatural: H8


*I love the very first STEREK drawing so much, and all the other art is just so fantastic. Kumagorochan has a wide variety of art, and you can check out his stuff on deviantArt (Thor, Loki, Sherlock, etc). Once again thanks to Kuma for letting me pimp his stuff on POR. Also, if this makes you wanna read some fanfic, check out Fanfiction Friday. *


  1. Supernatural fan art? I just died. Thank you for making my day so much brighter.

  2. Love it!!! He is very talented.

  3. I love this fanart!!! And there is Dean and Cass, which look so real!
    Now, I think, I have to add another rec for our Fanfiction Friday, featuring that pairing :)


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