Friday, January 11, 2013

Pants Off in 2013: What's Happening!!

I just can't believe it's already the start of a new year, seems like only yesterday I was doing a What's Happening in 2012 post. 2012 was good year for POR, and we blew up in a big way, and I am just surprised by the amount of people that stopped by daily. So I really just wanna say Thank You for making 2012 awesome. Thanks to my fab reviewers Fehu, Buggy, and Hannah. Seriously, without you guys I would only average one review a week (because sometimes I can be incredibly lazy).

This blog is the place I share the things I love, and I am flattered each and every time that you guys are interested in my opinions. It really is some of the most fun I have and I happy I get to share my joy with you. Once again thanks, because you guys are made of awesome.

I have a lot of plans for 2013 and I really hope that I am able to fulfill most of them (there's that lazy thing I was talking about :D). There is a lot of posts I neglected to do last year, but not this year 'oh hell nawz' not this year. So here is what to look forward to.

Fanfiction: I said last year I was gonna post all the awesome fanfiction/online fiction that I was reading but never got around to doing it. This year, you bet your sweet ass I will be posting it. I read some awesome stuff and would love to share it with you guys (plus it's a good way to save money because mannnnn some of these stories are excellent).

Fan-Art/ Art: I been seeing A Lot of fan-art around for some of my fave shows, and it's my hope that I will be able to feature some of the artist. I hoping/praying that this gets kicked off the ground because these artists are talented and deserve the recognition  Plus, they draw some very sexy guys.`This might be my most anticipated part of 2013 *fingers crossed*.

You, Me, & Yaoi: Again, another thing I neglected last year. Another way art comes in because yaoi is just sexy beautiful art. I read a lot of yaoi, and 2013 is the year for some very exciting releases and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Theme Week: I am stumped on this one. With the success of Interracial Love Week last year, I wanna up my ante. I have the idea for "Hot For Teacher" & "Young Guy Poked by Older Dude" but I am unsure if there is enough books to have a week dedicated to them. Will have to research like a mother. If you guys have any suggestions be sure to let me know.

Random Questions: This quirky idea I had where I would send random questions to authors to see how they would answer. I did a few last year but never got a chance to post them, but I will be hitting this one hard. So authors get ready for me to seriously bother you, with really absurd questions (some might be inappropriate). If you guys wanna get in on the action, let me know if you have any crazy random questions you're interested in asking.

I think that pretty much covers what to expect, along with the regular reviews and guest posts. I am really looking forward to another year spent with all of you. If you have anything to add, don't be a stranger I love getting emails from my readers and your suggestions/ideas are more than welcome. Contact Me

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