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Review: Bite Your Tongue by E.A Clarke

Reviewed by Fehu
Bite Your Tobgue by E.A Clarke
Less Than 3 Press
3.75 Pants Off

Returning home after a decade away to collect the inheritance left to him by his famous mother, Jude does not expect to actually attend her funeral—his family has always preferred him out of sight, out of mind. The very last person he expects to encounter is Connor, an old lover. Now a priest, Connor is stuck in the middle of an ugly scandal that is only one of several problems facing them as they struggle to hold their lives together and rekindle an old flame.

Jude goes back home for the funeral of his mother, who he still hasn't fully forgiven for throwing him out of his home, because of his sexuality and for forcing him into every acting gig possible. Now years later, Jude is a scientist, doing what he likes, though his love life is still lacking. Meeting his old best friend, to whom he has written letters after he was forced to leave, but has never gotten one back.

Connor was not only Jude’s best friend but also his lover, but Connor comes from a catholic family and his mother didn't take kindly to their friendship. Imagine Jude’s surprise when he finds out that Connor is now a priest and in the middle of a scandal, concerning Connors mentor, who was found to be a pedophile. The press is hounding Connor, since he suggested the community should keep the matter quiet, because of the children, who were violated, but of course, this is taken the wrong way and blown out of proportion by a journalist. Meeting his ex-lover and confronting his feelings for him, is the last thing Connor needs at this time. Jude is not exactly happy about the presence of the press either, since he took care to hide his background and changed his name, to be left in peace.

The book has potential. Sadly, it also had one of my pet peeves - flashbacks and there were quite a few of them in this book. Oh and I don't like open ending or one that leaves me confused and here, that was the case. On the plus side, I liked Jude, though I would have liked to know more about his reasons for hating his parents the way he did. What exactly did they do in his childhood that was so unforgivable?

Connor, well the way he acted I am surprised he became a priest. Also, his reasons for becoming a priest are not exactly clear. So he loved Jude and after Jude left, Connor decided to become a priest to appease his mother? Doesn't exactly scream devotion to me and honestly he is cussing, drinking, having sex with Jude, all very unpriestly behaviour, plus he sounds like he hates his life and his job. For
Example, there is a very important confession going on and he was so focused on Jude and his love life, he didn't listen, at all. So I feel very ambiguous about him, he seems weak and I don't mind that he has his faults but he clearly wants Jude, but then he tells him to leave, after the sex and blames Jude for everything.  I didn't understand if this was a paranormal story and he was a shifter or if it was all in his fantasy/dream and it's based on him feeling caged in a life he hates. Connor is having very vivid dreams of blood, hunting, some very erotic ones about possessing and claiming. In the mornings, there are bodies of dead animals near his place, so Connor starts to believe he is doing this that he runs as
an animal at night.

The writing is quite good, the dialogs are interesting, the story is engaging, but the flashbacks, slow the plot down, when I want to know what happens in the now. Also the most interesting part would be exactly where the story ended, and which left me with more questions than answers. On the plus side, this story was quite a ride and didn't lack in excitement.

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