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Review: Dead in L.A by Lou Harper

Dead in L.A by Lou Harper
Novella: 109pgs
4 Pants Off

Trouble comes in deceptive packages

Still recovering from an accident that left him emotionally and physically battered, Jon's goal is to lead a simple life, free of complications and attachments. His new roommate—a happy-go-lucky bookworm—seems to fit into his plans fine at first. He doesn't find out till later that Leander's also a psychic, specializing in finding lost pets. Jon's a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, so he's convinced Leander's a nut job.

Jon's beliefs are challenged when Leander has to track down a missing teenager and he ropes Jon into assisting him. Soon the two of them are knee-deep in a decades-old murder case. The hills and valleys of the City of Angels hold many buried secrets, and Leander has a knack for finding them.

Jon's hopes for a trouble-free life go out the window as he's drawn deeper into Leander's psychic sleuthing. Digging into the past poses many dangers, but the biggest risk Jon faces is putting his bruised heart on the line.

Warning: Men loving men, skeletons, and an unlucky Chihuahua.

Dead in L.A consists of two short stories, all leading the men to an exciting investigation, with a little twist. Jon is in search for a roommate, he's starting over after the loss of his wife and now making his way as a student. His roommate comes in the form of Lea who he thought was female but that’s gets blown out of the water by the young man at the door. Jon just wanted someone who was quiet, easy to get along with, and would pay his or her share of the rent on time. What he never expected was to start caring for Lea (which is short for Leander and which later Jon starts to call him Andy) and taking care of him. Initially he assumed Andy was a student, but when he finds out what he does for a living Jon is a skeptic. There is no way the boy is a Psychic, that's until he gets proven wrong.

The two shorts, Dead in the Hills & Dead in the Valley deals with two separate mystery investigations. Both cases are more than 20yrs old, so really the focus is on the relationship that is being formed between the men. Jon finds himself opening up to Andy, and the surprise is that he understands exactly how he feels. Meanwhile, he's still trying to fight the attraction between them while trying to maintain some sort of emotional distance.

I am excited about where this series is going, and how the relationship between the men will evolve. Together, they are so cute and compliment each other well. Lea is determined, but tends to get lost in the clouds sometimes when dealing with his psychic abilities, yet he isn't jaded and has a great heart. Jon is trying to keep himself protected but he is a caretaker at heart. So it's non-stop entertainment when they are together.

I must say that I really enjoyed this story, and I'm looking forward to more in this series. I am just guessing their investigations will get more extravagant and real time. This was just a setting stone in showing Lea gifts, and I am looking forward to more of their adventures.

Should You Read It? Yes, this one should be checked out for the unusual paranormal throwback. It's like watching a mystery TV show but with a paranormal twist. Very excited for more.

4 Pants Off

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