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Review: Foxe Tail by Haley Walsh

Foxe Tail (Skyler Foxe Mysteries #1) by Haley Walsh
MLR Press
Novel: 288pgs
4.5 Pants Off

Gay teacher Skyler Foxe thought teaching English Lit was murder. Wait till he falls into the real thing.

Skyler Foxe is a brand new English teacher in his hometown of Redlands, CA. He loves literature, loves his students, loves his friends, especially his best friend Detective Sidney Feldman. But he doesn't love keeping his orientation a secret, afraid of the backlash in this conservative county. But will murder thrust him into unwanted limelight? Who killed his principal's son outside a gay dance club? And what's the connection to James Polk High? Is the macho football coach or his mysterious and gorgeous new assistant coach involved? Can Skyler trust anyone at the high school when there seems to be conspiracies around every corner?

I was expecting to like Foxe Tail but man I didn’t expect to love it, and guys do I love it. For the first time in a long time I am tempted to read books in a series back to back (my schedule won’t allow it) but I am thinking of breaking all the rules and buying them all and reading it over wine.

Skyler Foxe has fulfilled his dream of being a teacher in the town he grew up. He got a job at his old high school (which is like a dream come true) so life couldn’t be more perfect. Too bad he’s gay and has to keep that part of his life a secret, and too bad there’s a flamboyant trick outside beating the shit out of his car with a baseball bat. If that doesn’t out him, then he’s one lucky SOB. Needing a little time to unwind (and perhaps a nice hard fuc…) you get my point. Skyler decides to hit the club with his best friend Sidney who happens to be detective. While getting some fresh air Skyler discovers the body of young man, and opens a whole can of worms.

Suddenly Skyler is caught in the midst of murder investigation, and he wants to figure out who that killer is. Because said murderer has made it personal by shooting at him and his friends. As much as Skyler thinks he’s some sort of Sherlock Holmes, he needs to realize that he’s more the Pink Panther type of guy, and should leave it all up to the professionals but Skyler isn’t known for his listening skills or being smart skills. Factor in the weirdness going on at the high school and he has crazy coming from both sides.

There is just so much to love about this book, just so freaking much. I think my top is Skyler’s friends the S.F.C (The Skyler Fuck Club) his previous lovers turned best-friends even the crazy car bashing trick. They all have so much personality and never once felt like character filler. The budding romance between two of Skylers students was so awesomely sweet. I think he really shined as a teacher/person with the handling of his students. Just so much happening, this means there is so much to love.

Foxe Tail can’t be called a romance yet, but hopefully that is where the series is leading in the future. Skyler is getting his slut on just a little too much; then again he’s young and hasn’t found the one person he wants to be with. For a teacher, he never seems to take his work home with him, dude clubs just a little too much. I believe those things sort of irked me but not enough for me to dislike his character.

Overall, I really loved reading this book. It was so entertaining, fun, and the writing is awesome. I can’t wait to read more.

Should You Read It? One word: YES, so freaking awesome and so much fun. I am totally surprised I didn’t come across this one on my own, there should be a lot of buzz about this series, cus it just became crack for my soul.

4.5 Pants Off

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