Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: What About Him by E.E Montgomery

What About Him by E E Montgomery
Dreamspinner Press
Novella: 131pgs
3.5 Pants Off

There’s a snake in Aidan’s bed, but it’s not the kind he wants. A nest of snakes under his house heralds the kind of disruption that Aidan has been trying to avoid all his life and turns him into a hysterical mess. First he sleeps with his best friend, Baxter. Until their one-night-stand, Aidan was happy with his life and their friendship. Now he’s lonely and craves a relationship Baxter doesn’t want.

Then Aidan meets Detective Sam Walters while consulting on a murder investigation and his dreams are suddenly invaded by a man who makes Aidan want to strip faster than an attack by green ants. Too bad Sam is straight.

When snakes take over Aidan’s home and a gorgeous snake catcher comes to his rescue, Aidan’s confusion is complete. To add to the mess Aidan’s life has become, a man ends up dead on his living room floor, Baxter confesses to his murder, and calm, cheerful Sam yells at Aidan. It’s enough to make a quiet professor of sociology prefer the snakes.

Short Review:
Aidan is a professor and a sometime consultant to his local police department.  He has crush on the Sam Walters the detective he usually works the cases with. He also is infatuated with his best friend Baxter, so his feelings are all over the place. After returning home from his morning run, he is greeted by a snake and Aidan hates snakes. He has to get someone over to his home pronto, because he’s got classes to lecture and meetings. In come snake catcher Doug, and another man stirring up feelings in Aidan.

Suddenly, Aidan’s life is filled to the brim with snakes and his everyday is taking on more drama than he anticipated. With his feelings being stretched over for 3 men, it’s just a matter of time before he cracks under the pressure.

While this book seems to be filled with flaws and plot holes, I really enjoyed it. Yes, the delivery could have been tighter but I found myself gobbling up every word. This book is surely not a romance, because Aidan is quite a fickle guy but overall he means well. It boils down to understanding his attractions. He fancies himself in love with his best friend Baxter but only because Baxter feels safe. Doug is just a passing fancy, because who doesn’t ogle a service man (when their freaking hot)? Sam I honestly believed he liked, because he took the time to talk about his laugh and the twinkle in eyes. So yes, his feelings were all over the place but I understood him.

The mystery sucked! I found it unnecessary and so was the death of one of the characters. Then the ending, seemed too rushed which left me disappointed and clinging to scraps. I feel like with a few changes this book had the potential to be great, because the writing is fun, and the pace was perfect. Regardless, still a cute read.

Should You Read It? Maybe not for the price, it might not be worth it. While I did like it, and it was fun, I’ll probably forget it (or maybe not cus there was so much freaking snakes it got comical).

3.5 Pants Off

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